North Texas hardcore scene pack SOLEDAD discuss new massive EP “Rezando Por La Murete”

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Formed during the pandemic, SOLEDAD (“loneliness” in Spanish), blend English and Spanish lyrics and amplify struggles in their community and to be a source of pride in the North Texas hardcore scene for latinos. The Dallas-Fort Worth metallic hardcore act are releasing their new EP “Rezando Por La Murete” on Restricted Airspace Records today, and we’re stoked to give you its full stream, along with the band’s special track by track rundown below.

Featuring four tracks from members of Ballista joined by other DFW scene veterans, the new offering makes a statement about the state of hardcore in Texas. The EP features a Sepultura cover, and brings heavy riffs and punishing blast beats, coupled with lyrics in English and Spanish.

Soledad will be playing Texas Death Fest alongside I Am on January 28, 2023.

For fans of: Xibalba, I Am, Domain

The band’s vocalist, Andy Zarate sat down with us to expound on the lyrical content behind each and every song:

El Dolor which translates to The Pain or simply Pain is referring to the pain of life. Ultimately for many people it’s too much And many lose their battle which is what the last repeated lyric is about “estoy rezando por La muerte” I’m praying for death. It’s screamed over a particularly heavy breakdown of the song.

Background of this song: written last summer by the entire group and became a crowd pleaser early on. Sonically it’s pretty much metal but by the end it turns into a breakdown that recalls metalcore from the mid 2000s which were big fans of.

Vida Perdida was the track we decided to lead with basically the “single” it’s a bit different from our previous releases mostly because it’s very stripped down and to the point which was absolutely the intention I believe that sometimes less is more and I feel this track proves that. It’s simple but fuck it makes me want to throw a chair at someone

It’s worth noting that Robert our drummer wrote this song he’s an incredibly talented musician and writer.

Back ground of the song: so the song was written by Robert and he did it one afternoon in his room after a day of writing with the whole group. It started as the main riffs and then was dressed it up a bit more once we got around to recording it. It’s much more stripped down than anything we’ve done but that was the point quite frankly we wanted it to be an assbeater.

The heart of the song is basically about being led while having no sense of your own direction. To be broken down and eroded by life into nothing and becoming a waste of a good person

Propaganda (Sepultura cover): The funny thing about our first EP is that “Matando Gueros” by Brujeria is our most streamed song on line or on Spotify anyways. We felt we wanted to record another cover and include it in our second EP. It had to be something realistically that we felt we could pull off

Sepultura is one of my biggest influences and when we play the song live it always went over really well so we felt confident with recording it.

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