RIOT STARES by James Byrnes
RIOT STARES by James Byrnes
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“Sounds of Acceleration” by RIOT STARES combines elements of hardcore and alternative into a thrilling energy experience

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Charleston, SC based band RIOT STARES have released their new album Sounds of Acceleration out now on DAZE. Taking just as much influence from bands like Quicksand and Snapcase as they do the Beastie Boys, Riot Stares has created an enticing sonic style combining elements of hardcore and alternative.

Opener “Shockwave” kicks off with the sound of a car engine starting and lays down the thrilling energy found across the ten songs of the record. Chunky guitars and pulsating drums meld together to build an undeniable groove, accented by Brad Marino’s stark vocal delivery. “Trip Chain” is just as dance-pit ready as is it is made for the headbangers.

It’d be hard-pressed to not compare Riot Stares’ sound to the seminal Orange 9mm’s debut Driver Not Included, and vocalist Chaka Malik (also of Burn) makes a vibrant guest vocal contribution on “Quick Fix”. “Dead Issue” might be the most melodic track on the record, but is not without a striking guitar solo placed between lyrics of calling out a know-it-all.

The album concludes with the more experimental “In Motion,” a fittingly impassioned end to what is Riot Stares last album following the passing of guitarist Issy Varoumas.

Sounds of Acceleration was recorded and mixed by John Howard at War House Recordings (Ecostrike, Yashira) in Gainesville, FL and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Mindforce, End It) in Portland, OR. It follows the band’s previously released EP’s, Riot Stares (2016) and Let The Phase Speak (2017). The album is available on both vinyl and CD formats via DAZE.

Riot Stares will make a rare live performance at the end of April at House of Disorder festival in Atlanta, GA alongside Incendiary, No Pressure, Pain Of Truth, Fury and more.

Riot Stares is Brad Marino (vocals), Patrick Peck (guitar), Dylan Walker (bass), Tyler Hall (drums), and Issy Varoumas (guitar).

RIOT STARES by James Byrnes
RIOT STARES by James Byrnes

“Gaining comparisons to bands like Quicksand, Snapcase, and Orange 9mm, Riot Stares sound like that moment in the ’90s when hardcore bands realized a little melody, a little production value, and some infectious grooves could go a very long way.” – BrooklynVegan

“Furious rhythms and pit-starter grooves that’ll get fans of contemporary acts like Excide, Regulate, and stadium seat-fillers Turnstile bopping in all the right ways”. – The Pitch of Discontent

“Charleston, South Carolina’s Riot Stares know that it’s all about the bounce. There’s melody in this band’s riffage, and they’re smart about structuring songs — knowing when to switch things up, to launch into a whole new groove.” – Stereogum

‘Sounds Of Acceleration is flooded with freshness and vitality, to where the slim half-hour runtime is absolutely optimal.” – The Soundboard Reviews

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