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Northern Hardcore pack HEATHEN HEARTS premiere powerful new single “Ignite”

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Finnish high energy metal hardcore hybrid Heathen Hearts has announced the release of their upcoming EP “No Light Left To Chase”. The EP is set to be released independently on May 17th and features the band’s signature Finnish sound mixed with hardcore, which they’ve dubbed “Northern Hardcore”.

Fans can expect a balance of groove-driven riffs and melodic choruses throughout the EP. The band has already given fans a taste of “Northern Hardcore” with the release of “Ignite” on April 13th. The song features fast-paced hardcore and groove metal riffs, coupled with aggressive vocals that eventually turn into chants – a staple in hardcore music.

Heathen Hearts has managed to create a unique sound with “No Light Left To Chase” that will appeal to both metal and hardcore fans alike.

Guitarist Jere had this to say about “Ignite”: ‘Ignite was the last song that was composed for the EP, just before our demo sessions with the whole band. The first version of the song we have already played live, but from that version there’s nothing left except the chorus. I wrote the riffs just before our demo sessions with the whole band, a couple of weeks before we started actually recording the EP. Pretty straight two-minute fist in the face, and with all the gang shouts and church choir at the end, the song came out very good and represents the more traditional hardcore side of our sound. Special thanks also to the choir of the damned; Toni, Tero & Matti.”

Heathen Hearts Promo 2023- Photo by Toni Ristilä
Heathen Hearts Promo 2023- Photo by Toni Ristilä

Heathen Hearts is a Finnish metal/hardcore band that was formed in the summer of 2021 in Kotka. The group is composed of experienced musicians who come from different backgrounds but have united to create what they call “Northern Hardcore”. Their music is a fusion of metal and hardcore with melodic guitar work, and their lyrics offer a darker perspective on the world we live in.

Their sound can best be described as an explosive outburst of fury, aggression, and frustration. While the band’s music does not adhere to strict genre conventions, they are focused on crafting quality songs with efficient arrangements.

In May 2022, the band released their self-titled debut EP, which was accompanied by two music videos for “Ichor” and “World of Ash”. These videos have been featured on several popular YouTube channels, including Hardcore Worldwide, which is one of the most followed channels in the genre.

“No Light Left To Chase” was produced by HEATHEN HEARTS.

The EP was recorded by Lauri Sillanpää, except for the drums recorded by Juha-Pekka Pusa. Mixing by Joonas Vuojolahti at Cold Truth Music Studio, and mastering by Juho Räihä at Soundspiral Audio. The artwork was designed by Lauri Sillanpää. Press shots were taken by Toni Ristilä. The gang vocals on the EP were recorded by Toni Örn, Matti Anttila, Tero Virva, Jere Orre, and Juhana Haavisto

The members of Heathen Hearts are Antti Nissilä on vocals, Jere Orre on guitars and backing vocals, Lauri Sillanpää on guitars and backing vocals, Juhana Haavisto on bass and backing vocals, and Ville Nissinen on drums.

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