Vermont hardcore pack COOKED readying new album, share top 3 hardcore bands you need to check

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COOKED, a four-piece hardcore-punk band from Burlington, Vermont, have recently released a new single called “Neurosis,” along with a music video, which is the final single before the release of their upcoming album “The Hanged Man” on May 5th, 2023. To celebrate, we have teamed up with the band’s Bobby Bones to give us some more details about their newest work and share his top 3 hardcore bands to watch out for.

Speaking about hisbackgrounds, influenced by his upbringing in a chaotic household without guidance, Bobby found solace in bands like Poison Idea and Leftöver Crack that embodied a “fuck the world” attitude. The lyrics of these bands heavily influenced Bobby’s beliefs about the world and its inner workings.

Bobby’s nihilistic convictions shaped his perspective, choices, and thoughts on himself. These convictions are evident in “Neurosis,” a song that serves as a cry for help from someone who is unwilling to listen or change. The song presents a contradiction with each line of truth and honesty, as someone who cannot get out of their own way is doomed to fall.

Despite his hypocrisy, Bobby believes in letting the listener interpret the song’s meaning for themselves.

All of the songs on their upcoming album “The Hanged Man” speak about addiction and self-destruction, and “Neurosis” is no exception.


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Louzy – S/T EP

This Ep has been on repeat since I first heard it. Louzy is a melodic hardcore band from Massachusetts; a total breath of fresh air. All the guys in this band are awesome, you can hear their influences come out in this record while still keeping it original and their own. You should definitely spin this EP, and go see em live if you live in MA.

The Path – Dies Screaming EP

The Path is-in my opinion-the best hardcore band in New England right now. Their live shows are full of raw energy and passion; they are 100% the real thing. Nothing but amazing people who stand up and speak out for what they believe in. If you haven’t checked them out or haven’t seen them live you’re missing out. Go listen to The Path

Wisdom & War – Superior Design

Wisdom & War are absolutely killing it right now. Every single person in this band is meant to be playing music. The Superior Design Ep is a gnarly blend of Metal and HC; dark and atmospheric, keeps my head nodding through every track. Super excited to hear and see what’s next for them. Highly recommend checking them out and catching them live.

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