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Norwegian indie alt punk rockers NEIGHBORING SOUNDS premiere new single “Spolia”!

Blending elements of alternative rock, and emotive punk rock in the vein of early Jimmy Eat World, The Get Up Kids and Jealous Sound, while also being reminiscent of European emo bands of the nineties like Starmarket and Fireside, NEIGHBORING SOUNDS brings a fresh and clean take on the genre, pleasantly surprising with a fresh wave of vibrant musicianship and honest songwriting. Hailing from Bergen, Norway, the band formed back in 2014 and consists of past and present members from bands as diverse as Datarock, Ralph Myers and the Jack Herren Band, Kids Like Us, Crash, The First Cut, IOU and Bouvet. Today, we’re thrilled to give you their new sing;e “Spolia”, the first teaser of their upcoming new album, to be released this coming Autumn!

As Crash, the band toured Europe several times and released records on labels such as Premonition Records (International Noise Conspiracy, Kevlar) and Firefly Recordings (Beezewax, Gameface, Kids Near Water) at the beginning of 2000.

Spolia by Neighboring Sounds is the sound of the late 90’s and labels like revelation Records and Jade Tree. The band was previously called Crash, released records on Swedish Premonition records / The (international) noise conspiracy, Kevlar) and London based Firefly Recordings (Gameface, Beezewax) and toured Europe and the UK several times.

“”Spolia” is a collage of building materials” – elaborates vocalist Arild Eriksen. “It’s the result of an ancient and widespread practice whereby stone that has been quarried, cut, and used in a built structure is carried away to be used elsewhere. Spolia is the result of a lifelong love affair with early Fireside and Starmarket, he continues, but also bands such as Les Savy Fav and Pinback. The chorus is bigger, more mature, but the progress and the simplicity belongs to the dance floor. The last few years have been tough in several ways. I lost my father. But at the same time, my daughter Mynte was born. I have always loved this line from the poem Mythistorema the greek poet George Seferis wrote in 1935: “I woke with this marble head in my hands; it exhausts my elbow and I don’t know where to put it down”. You can’t let history become a burden.”

“When everything goes is a mid tempo indie song that in many ways reminds of producer Kenneth Ishak’s band Beezewax, a great inspiration for me from the early 2000s and thus also bands like Dinosaur Jr, but at the same time a nod to Rival Schools. I especially like the breakdown part and I still find the line «someone’s chasing you from night to endless light» mesmerising. After an unpredictable and strenuous 2020 and another lockdown this winter, melodies that remind us that despite a difficult winter, a lush and green spring awaits, is precious.”

To give you something extra, we asked the band to put together a list of life changing and beautiful tunes from the middle of the 90ties until just recently.

“This is where Neighboring Sounds comes from – perhaps also where we are going. Enjoy!” – says the band’s Arild Eriksen.

“Emo from the last 10 years has for me been too clever and boring at the same time. Noodle-indie. Everything sounds a bit similar. I think what I miss the most is the politics and the bands that come from the hardcore scene Bands like Sensefield would never have sounded like that if they did not have members from Reason to Believe, and Elliott is a refinement of Falling Forward. I have put together some songs. A little from Scandinavia in the 90’s and a little from the USA and even something from the last few years, mostly shoegaze with roots in hardcore. And I could have put in all the first three records of Fireside, but only included two amazing tracks. Enjoy!”

Norwegian indie alt punk rockers NEIGHBORING SOUNDS premiere new single “Spolia”!
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