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Norwegian melodic metalcore band ATENA unveils evolving sound in new album ‘Subway Anthem’

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Norwegian emotional post hardcore / metalcore trailblazers, ATENA, have unveiled their latest studio album, “Subway Anthem,” marking a striking evolution in their musical journey. This latest offering underscores their standing as innovators within the modern metalcore realm, seamlessly blending heavy guitars with electronic and hip-hop elements.

Subway Anthem” has been fine-tuned under the adept hands of renowned Swedish producer Henrik Udd, whose portfolio includes collaborations with industry giants like Bring Me The Horizon and Architects.

The album is a testament to ATENA’s penchant for refreshing the classic metalcore sound with modern touches, offering listeners a revitalized auditory experience. This evolution exemplifies the band’s commitment to versatility and the element of surprise in their music.

ATENA expressed their profound enjoyment in crafting “Subway Anthem,” a process that now holds a cherished place in their collective memory. The album, as they revealed, delves into themes of addiction and the quest for a more meaningful existence. Through this creative journey, the band has unearthed that sought-after significance, extending gratitude to their audience for being part of this reflective musical voyage.

Beyond just the album, anticipation is also building for ATENA’s 2023 fall tour, promising to transmute the electrifying essence of “Subway Anthem” onto the live stage.

Originating from Norway, ATENA has carved a niche as a notable experimental metalcore ensemble.

Their sound, a concoction of classic metalcore, urban soundscape, interlaced with heavy guitars, electronic samples, and hip-hop nuances, addresses the zeitgeist of the newer generations’ challenges. With a musical voyage traversing through the darker facets of life, inspired by classical composers, ATENA offers an introspective, captivating experience for its listeners.

Their discography, now enriched with four albums, has positioned ATENA as a distinguished name in the Norwegian metalcore scene.

Their preceding album, “Drowning Regret & Lungs Filled with Water,” garnered accolades both domestically and internationally, with Metal Hammer UK and Dagbladet lauding their daring musical approach.

With the release of “Subway Anthem,” ATENA is not just continuing a musical conversation but advancing it, much to the delight and anticipation of metalcore aficionados.

ATENA is comprised of Vebjørn Iversen on guitar, Jakob Skogli delivering vocals, Ulrik Linstad on bass, and Fredrik Kåsin handling drums.

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