NOT AFRAID’s “Locked Out” LP streaming in full!

NOT AFRAID‘s “Locked Out” LP is now streaming in full at React! Records bandcamp profile! You can also download the whole thing for just $5! The label commented:

If you haven’t been paying attention, this record is THE REAL DEAL. Hands down one of the best hardcore LPs you’ll hear all year and what else did you expect from these bad ass Belgians. Stop what you’re doing, form a pit in your mind, and slam through the rest of your day to Locked Out!

NOT AFRAID is a Belgian hardcore (super)group featuring members of True Colors (Packo back in action on vocals, sounding harder than ever), Justice and Dead Stop. The LOCKED OUT LP is as diverse and intense as you would imagine from such a cast and brings together the unique qualities of each band without attempting to recreate them. NOT AFRAID combines the passion and intensity of True Colors with the creativity and groove of Justice, stomped mercilessly into the streets of Antwerpen by the boots of Dead Stop. While definitely inspired by classic 80’s hardcore, the Locked Out sound is difficult to categorize into a specific subgenre. All things considered, this is a HARDCORE record, and one of the best you’ll hear all year.  

Are you already set to dive into it? Do not hesitate, it’s all yours:

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