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Nu Metal Revival band ICENAP inject new energy into the old vibes with new power singles

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Metal union based out of Budapest, Hungary, ICENAP draws from a deep well of influences from the late 90’s/early 00’s hard hitting alternative music scene often described as nu-metal. Founded in 2019 by vocalist Martin Toth, guitarist Robert Kadar, bassist Kristof Desi and drummer Zsombor Farkas, the band released their first song in early 2020, called Innerstate with the official music video, now followed up with their new single “Dispirit”.

“The song is about the discussion of mental state in today’s culture.” – comments the band. “It is very important to talk about mental illnesses in the public, but we find it hideous when someone is using popular mental illness terms such as depression and panic disorder as an excuse of their personal deficiency. The thesis of the song is that depression is not a fashion statement, its’s a disease. Everyone met those people who are deeply buried in their own self pity and can only talk about their incapabilities. It’s disrespectful for those who really suffer.”


“The music video was directed by our guitarist Robert, who tried to capture the dark, moody vibe of the theme, but also represented the whole band in a more lightened setup growing into stoboscopic chaos at the end of the vid.” – they conclude.

In January 2021, the band will be recording their new single called “Walls”. An animated music video will follow.

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