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Best Records Of The Year, by Norwegian melodic post hardcore band COASTLINES!

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One year since our introductory feature with Norwegian high-octane (post) hardcore band COASTLINES, we’re pleased to welcome the band to our pages and give you their newest single “A Life You Neglected”, as well as their special Top Records Of The Year feature, with loads of cool offerings to get you inspired!

After guitarist Aaron Veliz decided to end his previous project “Murder The Traitor” in 2017, he got hold of his old friend and producer Emil Bringsli and started working on creating new music. They went through several genres and several vocalists, until they found vocalist Jan Magne Abel Opsahl via a Facebook ad.

When they met for the first time, they immediately understood that they spoke the same language, and at the first meeting they wrote two songs. Their first released the single “Empires” which P3 Urørt put on the recommended list and untouched the editors commented “Captivating, heavy and fast hardcore”.

With song release number 2 “Umbra“, the song was also recommended on Norwegian national youth radio, “P3”. and Urørt host Anna Nor Sørensen said 26.08.2020 “It hits like a bullet, it’s hard, it’s catchy, and that’s what I like to listen to when I’m working out”.

Coastlines released their third song “A Life You Neglected” on November 20, which is the most emotionally intense song with references to early Bring Me The Horizon, In Flames and Architects.

Vocalist and main lyricist for the band Jan Magne Abel Opsahl, says “It’s about that feeling you get when you and your significant other leave each other, and in the final moment when you keep thinking “Please don’t go” even though its for the best.”


Asked about their take on the passing year, the band says that “2020 has been hard on a lot of people, I’m pretty sure everyone knows someone who either was furloughed or just straight up lost their job.”

“For our band not a lot changed though, we are all kinda separated either way, living in different parts of Norway, we’re used to working remotely, and meeting up for writing sessions and such every now and then.” – they continue.

COASTLINES are also plotting some exctiing plans for the new year. “Our plans for 2021 are playing our actual first show in January, granted that doesn’t fall through.” – they reveal. “The risk is there because the guidelines got even stricter here in Norway just a couple of weeks ago. And then of course there’s the EP, we’ve been talking about for a year, that never seems to come out. Though things look a lot brighter ahead, as we’ve really homed in on six or seven songs we feel really good about. The next recording session we’ll actually start recording more than one song at a time. So 2021 will hopefully be a great year, with an actual release to our name.”


Jan’s 10 recommended albums of 2020

Bias disclaimer. Most of the albums I loved this year were from Norwegian bands. I’m usually not an album or EP perosn, but theres seriously something extremely cool brewing in the Norwegian music scene, be it hardcore, metalcore, screamo, rock, punk, metal or straight pop. This is not a ranking list, these are just the ten albums or EP’s that I feel are the best.

Atena – Drowning Regret & Lungs Filled with Water [NO] – Indie Recordings. Metalcore

This album takes all the lyrical genius of their last album «Possessed» and turns it up to 11.
Musically the album sounds so crisp. The riffs are powerful and the melodies they use are beautiful.
They lost their vocalist with a lower register, but their remaining singer has this feverish intensity and desperate demeanor that really speaks to the the lyrics.

FFO: Slaughter To Prevail, Crystal Lake, Benea Reach / Standout track: Slap

I Am Horus – Devil Inside [NO] – Self Released. Metalcore

This band was a surprise to me, I found them randomly via instagram. Throughout the album you think their songs are gonna go really traditional and then it takes a left turn and turns into something you didnt expect. There are also pretty clear Nu-Metal influence in them which really takes me back to my low teens.
If i were to describe their sound id say it’s Asugust Burns Red met Architects had a baby, and then the baby was adopted by Alexisonfire.

Standout track: Rage / FFO: August Burns Red, Audrey Horne, Architects

END – Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face [US] – Good Fight Music. Hardcore

I’m not sure theres anything i can say about this band that hasn’t already been said.

This album is extremely aggressive hardcore, vocals beyond amazing, riffs are so ugly and so disgusting they will melt your face off. If you like hardcore, you will love this album. Listening to this is turn into a Valley girl and i lose all abilities to even.

Standout track: Captive To My Curse / FFO: Knocked Loose, Counterparts, Shai Hulud, Converge

Daufødt – 1000 Island [NO] – Fysisk Format. Punk

Daufødt is a norwegian punkband with a hint of black metal, they sing in Norwegian, and 1000 Island is what i imagine Kvelertak sounding like if they went harder on the punk than on the Turbonegro dadrock.

This album is unpolished, raw and angry, and i do believe it is like this by design. Vocals fit perfectly with whats played, This thing is just full of energy.

Stand out track: Sammer er vi Daufødt / FFO: Kvelertak, Okkultokrati, Turbonegro

Umbra Vitae – Shadow of Life [US] Deathwish Inc. Deathmetal.

This album is chockfull of blastbeats, unintelligable screams and growls. This is a Death Metal album with clear references to black metal and hardcore.

Riffs are angry and atmospheric. Great for when you’re in that mood where you just want to brood and be angry.

Stand out track: Return to Zero / FFO: Cannibal Corpse, Converge, Cult Leader.

The Ghost Inside – The Ghost Inside [US] Epitaph Records [Metalcore]

TGI returned after their horrible accident with this banger.

This album is as hardcore as you can come in metalcore with the brutal breakdowns, crazy catchy melodies that make you think of NOFX, pissed of deep vocals, beautiful cleans.

These guys are the kings of moshable riffs, and i think it’s gonna stay that way. If a horrible buscrash were they have to go through huge amounts of physical therapy over many years can’t stop them nothing can.

Standout Track: Aftermath / FFO: A Day To Remember, Hatebreed, Stick To Your Guns

Crystal Lake – The Voyages [JAP] – SharpTone Records [Metalcore]

Crystal Lake crowdfunded this album for re-recording old songs many haven’t heard before.

And these songs are amazing. Their production is top notch, and the fact that they made these old songs from 2007-2008 sound like modern metal masterpieces is beyond me. Maximum riffage, extremely moshable, vocals sound amazing.

Stand out track: Into The Great Beyond / FFO: The Ghost Inside, Parkway Drive, FC Five

Touche Amore – Lament [US] – Epitaph [Post-Hardcore]

Touche Amore is a band that is super nostalgic, and i can’t put my finger on why. They have this very punky vibe, but with this really emotional tinge. The vocalist could probably just read out names from a phonebook with a guitar riff in the background, and everything would sound just as profound as the actual lyrics. He’s that good.

Standout Track: Come Heroine / FFO: Have Heart, Dashboard Confessional, La Dispute

Kalandra – The Line [NO] – By Norse Music – [Folk]

This is a Norwegian folk band, probably best known for their cover of Wardruna’s Helvegen, and as such is a very very norwegian album. But their (as far as i know) first full length album, is an amazing experience. Probably one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve had listening to an album ever. Imagine AURORA, but with the atmosphere is amazing here, though it is the vocals that pull me in.

Standout track: Brave New World / FFO: AURORA, Gåte, Wardruna

Bilmuri – Eggy Pocket [US] – Self Released [Every single genre in existence]

Bilmuri has a bazillion albums, (dude literally released two albums this year alone).Eggy pocket is definitely more aggressive than the last few effortd. This album has a freaking flute breakdown. A FLUTE BREAKDOWN!. It oozes creative freedom and «i’ll do whatever i want».

Hearing these songs will almost irritate you with its catchiness.

Standout track: ISERIOUSLYDISLIKEMOSTOTHERHUMANS / FFO: I’m not sure what to compare it to.

Both Emil and Aaron don’t think 2020 has been a great year. Here are some of their faves:

Arons Top 10:

The Good The Bad & The Zugly / Album: Algorithm & Blues / Track: The Man Behind The (Oxygen) Mask

Fit for a King / Album: The Path / Track: Locked (In My Head)

Atena / Album: Drowning Regrets & Lungs Filled with Water /Track: No Hope for Miscarriage

Kataklysm / Album: Unconquered / Track: Underneath the Scars

Spiritbox / Album: Holy Roller / Track: Holy Roller:

The Amity Affliction / Album: Everyone Loves you.. Once You Leave Them / Track: Soak me in Bleach

The Weeknd / Album: After Hours / Track: Blinding Lights

Emmure – Hindsight / Track: Thunder Mouth

Anaal Nathrakh – Endarkenment / Track: Endarkenment

Artist: Eskimo Callboy – MC Thunder II / Track: Hypa Hypa

Emil’s top 4:

Ghostemane – Anti-Icon

Haken – Virus

Allt – Dark Waters

Deftones – Ohms

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