Washington glam slam straigh up raw straight edge hardcore punks from NUCLEAR AGE have joined REACT! Records :) Check out the details below.

Straight from the Nuclear Age brain to your eyes and ears:

“Nuclear age is a band from Washington, D.C. and if you believe that rock n roll can save your mortal soul, we want you to join us. Too many bands, too many people, too many scenes embrace the status quo of mediocrity. Nuclear Age wants to free ourselves, and you, from the pitfalls of trends and norms. We want you the way you are; we want you to wave your freak flag high and embrace your inside.

Nuclear age is anti-drugs, anti-alchohol, Nuclear Age believes to be free in this world, your mind and body must coincide with being strong and clean. Those who stand the most to gain by the status quo will surely tempt you, threaten you or beat you; it is imperative that we stand ready to fight back.

Too many things happen around us and we stand idly by, too many people use the fake status associated with a band to further their own identity. Nuclear Age rejects the cult of personality in favor for true and realistic depictions of life. Nuclear Age has no interest in telling you how to live, where to live or what moral code is right and wrong. Nuclear Age understands that the feelings and thoughts in your head are valid and real, no matter how much those around you attempt to trivialize them.

Nuclear Age does not stand for positivity for the sake of positivity; we do not expect you to make the right decisions, nor do we encourage you to. Nuclear Age wants to see you freely express yourself and your beliefs the way you see fit.

Nuclear Age accepts all races, genders, sexualities and identities; If you feel misled, rejected, out of place, forgotten by society and by your peers then you are welcome with us.

Nuclear Age believes hardcore is the sole meaning behind our lives, in a time where our actions and inaction are both unimportant and easily forgotten, Nuclear Age has chosen to leave a mark; We don’t want to sing about forgotten friendships or betrayed loves. Nuclear Age will not accept a song as “good enough”. Quality over quantity, substance before fashion. Nuclear Age doesn’t believe we can change the world but we want to fucking rock it all the way till we drop. Will you join us or be left behind?”

NUCLEAR AGE’s debut 7″ “Identity” will be released later this year on REACT! Records.

Please write Nuclear Age for a free fanzine:

Nuclear Age, ATTN: G Langworthy
716 Monroe st. NE #43
Washington, D.C. 20017

Catch NUCLEAR AGE on tour next week in California:
06/20: FULLERTON @ Paradise Records
06/21: SAN DIEGO @ The Lemon Grove
06/22: FRESNO @ The CYC
06/23: SACRAMENTO @ The Colony
06/24: PACIFICA @ The Lazer Tag Spot
06/25: VENTURA @ Rock City

You can grab a copy of the NUCLEAR AGE Demo CS at!

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