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NY emo indie post hardcore rockers COMMON SAGE break down new artsy album

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“Might as Well Eat the Chicken, We Won’t be Here in the Morning”, the new album from NY alt post hardcore band COMMON SAGE, might be expanding their already experimental and multi-style sound defined on the band’s 2018 debut “Where are you? I’m in Klamath Falls, are you here​?​” with 3 ambient interludes and one mellow closing track, but it’s somehow surprising how only two remaining tracks (“Wraparound Background” and “Saw Daddy”) mesh so well together. The entire EP finds COMMON SAGE leaving breaks in their indie sound, raising the bar, and hopefully promising more engaging offerings sometime soon. Today, we celebrate the recent release of “Might as Well Eat the Chicken, We Won’t be Here in the Morning” with the band’s special track by track commentary below!

The album marks a follow-up to the band’s 2018 debut “Where are you? I’m in Klamath Falls, are you here​?​” and is available on cassette via Acrobat Unstable Records (order HERE).

Comments the band: “These are a collection of songs recorded during parts of 2019-2020, at very different times and places in each participants life. If the listener finds any sort of meaning or cohesion during or after their experience, just know, there is none. There is nothing here.”

COMMON SAGE are: Jenna Snyder – Bass, Vocals, Julian Rosen – Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Phil DiMarco – Drums, Moral Support, Evan Bernard – Guitar on Wet Grass

part i (Original), part 1 (a Rearrangement) and part i (Continued)

The three proper songs on this EP were recorded at very separate times. there was never a real plan for them, so this EP is technically a compilation. I always love when songs flow into the next on albums, it makes the release feel more cohesive, so that’s what the three “part i”‘s are doing here, along with being a short palate cleanser. There’s a few notes played in “Wet Grass” right before the “climax” of the song and you can hear those notes in each part i. I’d like to think that it’s like this subliminal message sort of thing and then when you hear the notes in “Wet Grass” (which is the last song) the listener might remember the notes, but maybe not remember that they’ve been hearing them between each song. Or maybe it’s super obvious and not fooling anyone, who’s to say really?

Wraparound Background

This is a song about feeling stuck. It’s about not realizing that you made a wrong turn somewhere and instead of figuring out how to get back and fix your mistake you just continue on hoping everything will work out. It’s about feeling nostalgic for the past, when things didn’t seem so complicated. It’s about how nothing is permanent

Continued below…


Saw Daddy

I’m the most indecisive person on the planet. I’m willing to bet on that. I think that’s what this song is about; having to make a really hard decision and kind of just hoping that it somehow works itself out or gets made without having to be the one to do it. It was a real weird and stressful time in my life when I wrote this. It felt good to get it all out, i think the song reflects that.

Wet Grass

This was the last song written for the release. It feels more hopeful all around, I was definitely in a much better space when it was written. Everything rattling around in my head when “Wraparound” and “Saw Daddy” were written just weren’t consuming my thoughts the way they were and in the past. “Wet Grass” is about something from the past, but it wasn’t something that was happening in the present. I guess it feels more positive because unlike the other two songs I had gotten passed it. The idea of impermanence is what this whole EP is about in my opinion. Nothing lasts, whether it’s good or bad, whether you like it or not.


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