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NY screamo act ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES share unreleased track

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Punknews has released a previously unreleased version of the song “Water vs. The Anchor”, an amazing “new” track from ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES, who are reissuing their seminal LP, Where You Are And Where You Want To Be, on Dead Broke Rekerds!

OTMOP was one of the more unheralded Long Island bands of their era, but they’ve also taken on a mythical status with the generation of bands who came after them. Their mixture of rock, emo, and hardcore stylings made them one of the most ingenuitive and original bands of their time, and their live shows were often considered some of the most powerful around. Where You Are And Where You Want To Be was originally released back in 2002 on Creep Records and Traffic Violation Records. The Dead Broke Rekerds 2020 reissue is remastered by Carl Saff, and features six bonus songs including three songs that have never previously been released. / PunkNews – GO HERE to see the full feature

Via Dead Broke Rekerds:

Ahead of it’s 20th anniversary, Dead Broke Rekerds is proud to reissue a completely new remastered deluxe edition of Long Island’s quintessential emo/punk album by On The Might Of Princes, “Where You Are And Where You Want To Be” LP. 2020 Remaster by Carl Saff. Deluxe edition vinyl/download includes 6 bonus tracks, 3 of which have never been released until now. (Originally release in 2001 on Creep Records + Traffic Violation Records) Release date: April 10, 2020. Limited edition color vinyl available now! Comes w/download. Vinyl housed in beautiful matte jackets w/ brown paper sleeves. Artwork & layout by Hugo Fitz. Pressing info: 50 White, 100 Blue-Green “Ocean Swell”, 200 Black vinyl. **Black vinyl

On The Might Of Princes formed on Long Island, New York in 1998, emerging from an heterogenous but cooperative community of independent bands and labels. First releasing material on Rok Lok (The Making of a Conversation) and Creep Records/Traffic Violation Records Where You Are and Where You Want to Be), they eventually signed to Revelation records and released what would be their third and final record, Sirens, in 2003.

After a follow-up tour of Europe, On The Might Of Princes disbanded in May 2004. After a two-year split, they reunited in late 2006 to play three shows. Soon afterward, expanded re-releases of their first two albums were released on Rok Lok Records. In August 2008, they temporarily reunited once again for a few more shows. In 2012, Revelation Records announced that the group would reunite yet again for the label’s 25th anniversary festival at Irving Plaza. A fourth reunion was planned for June 2013, but was cancelled for undisclosed reasons. Soon after, the band formally declared that there would be no more shows or new material and they had officially broken up.

Jason Rosenthal passed away in Austin, Texas of a heart attack on August 12, 2013. He was 35. / Wikipedia

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