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Old school thrash / heavy metallers FROST KOFFIN premiere new single!

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Harkening to the days of heavy & speed metal, as well as the mid-80s thrash era of METALLICA, and hailing from the birthplace of PANTERA, Dallas based FROST KOFFIN are in their early 20’s but play melodic thrash like their record collections ended the day Master Of Puppets or Peace Sells… but Who’s Buying? was released. The pack includes 3 ex-members of metalcore road warriors 2×4 in their ranks and their are gearing up to release their debut EP Danger and Deliverance on February 23, 2018! Just a cuple of days after the release of their new video “Hell Roller”, we’re proud to give you their second single from the EP called “Iron Crutch”, dealing with the hold of addiction. Check it out and pre-order the EP HERE.

Guitarist Jayson Braffett (who along with 2nd guitarist Ben Touchberry and bassist/vocals Garrett Earles were formerly in metal-core notables 2X4) relates “in our teens we all played and toured in metal-core and breakdown oriented bands. When we started this band up a year ago we wanted to do more of the classic metal music that we grew up on.” Armed with riffs as sharp as a polished prison shiv, Frost Koffin’s songs are also punctuated with the whiskey-soaked melodies of vocalist Grayson Altom and squealing guitar solos courtesy of Braffett and Touchberry.

Rounded out by Xavier Rios (drums) Frost Koffin’s debut EP Danger And Deliverance (to drop on February 23rd) is pure head-banging ecstasy. With hard learned lessons in the rear-view, Altom’s lyrical themes are first-hand accounts and a justified cynicism to the world. Debut single “Hell Roller” uses games of stake with the Devil as a metaphor of gambling with life and being backed into a corner. “Iron Crutch” deals with the hold of addiction and “Brain Pollution” is about trying to decipher what is true and false due to trust issues developed over the years.

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