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Punk rock powerhouse HYSTERESE teasing new record live at Melting Butter Session

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4 years since the release of their excellent self-titled record on Taken By Surprise Records, Dirt Cult Records and Sabotage Records, German melodic, garage, gritty punk rockers HYSTERESE are back with a new track “Echo” and we’re beyond stoked to present it in its full live glory! The new jam flies by in an intoxicating rush and sounds both radical and liberating! Check it out and scroll down to hear another new track called “Fortune”.

The live video is taken from HYSTERESE‘s recent Melting Butter Session that took place at the RAMA Studio in Mannheim, DE, and the new track comes from their new record, to be released in late March via This Charming Man Records!

The ten new tracks take a little step outside the long portland-music-shadow into the world of poppy tunes. But stop: it’s still Hysterese, with the band’s approven voices of Helen and Mortitz, shouting their lines like gunfire at each other, the superb guitar-melodies, the staccato riffing and their precise up-tempo driven drumming.

If you dig the sadness of The Wipers, the explosiveness of old Descendents and the hits and melodies from your favourite Ramones songs, you will love this little piece of punk rock. Raw and catchy as hell!

Here’s what they had to say about the live session:

“We received the request for the melting butter session when christian bethge (mighty sound-engineer in the RAMA tonstudio in Mannheim) mastered our new album in his studio. I moved over to Mannheim about 1.5 years ago. I opened a record shop and how things usually come together we knew the same friends. I already knew that he ‘s a producer but I didn’t know that he’s such a genius. After we sent him the files for mastering Chris mentioned that he would love to record a live session with us. We totally were up to this and confirmed immediately. On the day of the production the whole band meat at the studio. helen and moritz came back from cologne that day, I think they’ve seen war on drugs the night before, kai arrived from stuttgart and I’ve been in Mannheim anyway. And then we got it done. Chris produced this wonderfull session which was really relaxed and we think that the result is totally amazing.” / Haug, HYSTERESE


These fellas from Tübingen, Germany play some catchy and melodic, but also dark and powerful punk rock. Hysterse played hundreds of shows since they formed back in 2011. They released two albums and worked together with labels like Search For Fame, Kidnap, Sabotage, Taken By Surprise and Dirt Cult Records. Their new third s/t album will be released via Münster, Germany based record label This Charming Man Records (Kadavar, Die Nerven, The Tidal Sleep, Karies)

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