ON THIN ICE (MORRIGAN) to perform with INTEGRITY this June

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ON THIN ICE will be doing a June show with INTEGRITY!

Actually the band is now called MORRIGAN (Carry The Weight Records), but features ON THIN ICE members with the drummer from UNHOLY MAJESTY and the quitter from ROT IN HELL.

Here’s the official word about ON THIN ICE:

A band with one finger constantly pressing the self destruct button. Despite only lasting a year and a half, OTI accomplished more in that brief time than many bands do in careers four or five times that length. Releasing a 7 on D&G Records entitled All Hope Abandon and later a split 7 with Richmond, Virginia friends Down To Nothing on Grave Mistake records. OTI quickly garnered a strong and loyal following of scumbags, hooligans and troublemakers from the less than savoury quarters of the UK hardcore scene and both band and followers alike became notorious for starting problems, closing clubs, fireworks, and carnage started by the sheer intensity of the performance. Tours with What Hope Remains, Down To Nothing and Outbreak amongst others left a dent on the country and for a while shows once again felt like wild, unpredictable and violent events again rather than a fashion show populated by two stepping faggots. OTI imploded in November 2005 shortly before their Relentless demo was released on D&G recs.



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