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“Once And For All” – Bordeaux punchy hardcore pack GLOCK 203 premiere new video

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Formed in 2014, Bordeaux, France based hardcore act GLOCK 203 have reformed their lineup and are ready to get on the right tracks to some hard-hitting moves. After playing a bunch of shows last year, including a supporting bill for SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, the band is proud to present their new single and music video called “Once And For All”. The stand-alone track follows the band’s 2018 EP “Hard Times” (listen below) and grapples with the issue of nations leaders abusing their people and their trust.

It’s about the state of this world, the injustice, the inequalities, the struggle to survive financially. It’s a call to unity, against the power that abuses us all, once and for all.

Asked about the band’s plans, future releases and tour dates, they commented:

We have something like 8 new songs that we really enjoy, so we’re planning to record them as soon as possible, to shoot maybe two or three new music videos and release it at the end of 2020 if we’re not late on it. For the next months we’ll try to play as much as possible, we would love to play outside of France. We love playing shows, in my opinion it’s the best thing about being in a band and playing music. Sharing your music live, in front of a crowd that is having a good time, that feeling is priceless.

Concerning tour dates, we have a show planned in our hometown of Bordeaux on saturday 19th october, with our brothers of Smash It (hardcore – Bordeaux) and the good friends in Hard Mind (hardcore – Rennes). We’ll use this show as a “single release” show. Otherwise we’re trying to book a weekend tour with PUSH, our friends from Portugal. They will be on their European tour so we’re trying to help them by finding 3 shows in the south of France (between the 1st and the 3rd of november) but it’s getting hard to find shows, I don’t know if we’ll be able to make it.
We’re trying to play as much as possible so people can feel free to contact us if they want us to play, we’ll be happy to share our music with new people.


Once and for all end all injustice
Once and for all fight for equality
Once and for all destroy the oppressors
Once and for all let’s beat that shit down

This is a call to the bitter ones
No more mercy no more defeat
This is an advice to the unkind
Change your mind or better run fast

This world’s a fucking mess
Into some tyrants hands
Greed as a fucking goal
Waiting for shit to turn to gold

There’s no empathy no compassion
Look at all the shit we are made of

It’s time to wake up the minds our society’s on decline
Sick of being called an utopist while everybody sleeps on this
This is the final warning world peace worth fighting for
The reality they create brings hate misery and nothing more

Once and for all end all injustice
Once and for all fight for equality

Sick and tired of people letting go
This is our right this is our life
There’s always something worth fighting for
Fight for equality and break this wall
Break this wall

Once and for all

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