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Ontario melodic hardcore / metalcore band SINGLE WOUND share new crushing single “Drop The Knife”!

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Ontario powerful metal/hardcore hybrid SINGLE WOUND (check out our 2022 feature here) have teamed up with RUST vocalist Tommy Wood for a wicked new single “Drop The Knife”, marking one of the strongest singles in the genre this year! Play it below.

Catch the band later tonight in London, Ontario with The Northern, As Heads Is Tails, Losing Sight, and asheads_istails and Falls For The Elderly. See the flyer below.


Break I break under the weight of your hand upon my chest
Keep your hell keep the hell away from me
Deadweight all I am is deadweight
So frustrating as I pull your arrows from my palms

Just watch me pick up the pieces
Arms like anchors on the floor
I don’t know when to just give up
Now I’m dying behind the door

I’ve rolled the dice too many times to snake eyes
Now I’ve poisoned my mind
Bleed me dry by the dagger
Freeze my skin ’til it shatters

Single Wound

Drop the knife
This knife that I’ve carried for so long now
I won’t hold myself back anymore I mean this
It’s time for a change
Time to do what’s best for me
Enough is enough and I’m ready to bleed for it

Years spent thinking this is all I’ll ever have
But now I can finally see
Do my eyes deceive me ?
Is there something out there waiting for me ?
It’s well within my grasp
A sentiment I long to call my own

Do you feel it now ?
The sun under my skin and it’s burning
Until it finds its way out

Breathe in breathe out
I come alive in the sound it’s calling
Begin to feel complacent
Sun under my skin
Until it finds its way out
Sun under my skin
Drop the knife


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