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Ontario metalcore band DEAD DAYS explain new crushing EP “Tyrants”

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DEAD DAYS may be a brand new metalcore act from London, Ontario, Canada, but these guys have been in the music scene for years. All members come from various hard-hitting bands such as The Northern, Horizons, Gracefield, and Searching for Satellites, and have come together with a passion for heavy music and a good time.

Dead Days (Don Tuer, vocals; Ty Coker, guitar/vocals; Wayne Jefferson, guitar; Jeff Folkes, guitar; Adam Linka, drums) have recently signed to Theoria Records and will be releasing a powerful new EP “Tyrants” which is a follow up to their very well received debut EP “Control” which was released on August 20th, 2021.

Dead Days draws their listeners in with insane riffs, Huge unforgettable choruses with catchy Hooks, gigantic head spinning breakdowns, and a beautiful display of technicality. Today, we’re stoked to give you a proper teaser of this new release, along with new single “In The Company of Wolves” and the band’s full track by track commentary below.

For fans of: As I Lay Dying, Kingdom of Giants, Erra, Invent Animate, Fit For a King


This short song/intro encapsulates the EP as a whole. It lays out the theme of a tyrant for every walk of life. We encounter monsters and wrong doers every day and never know it. Even inside ourselves.

In The Company of Wolves

This song is about feeling the pressures of day to day life. The state of the world bears down on everyone differently but it can make anyone feel lost and empty. We blame everyone else in the world for our own problems and downfalls. We are arrogant to what really destroys us.


We live in a world where one faction believes there isn’t any other way than their own. Its how they believe it should be. The more we are educated and open our eyes on the world we are living in, the more we uncover the depravity of it. But with that education we can unlearn and remove those ideologies.

Dead Days


Immortal is about dealing with the constant pain and punishment that life deals us but turning that pain and hardship into purpose. We see so much despair and heartache that its hard not to feel like everything is falling apart around us but we all have the strength to put ourselves back together.


Tombstone is about how no matter what we do we will inevitably all end up in the ground. We have the choice to be a decent person and to stand up against those who mean us or others harm. Everyone has a breaking point and it’s only a matter of time before we push back. No one has power over us unless we give it to them. We are in control of our lives, and the choices we make decide our own fate. It is our choice to stand up against tyrants seeking control or else let them dictate our lives.


Heartless covers the death of a relationship. The tyrants that lovers can become. Tearing down eachother just to make the other feel as much pain as possible. We evolve into our worst selves all in the name of “love”.

Survive the Hive

Survive the Hive is about the collapse of society at the hands of the rich and powerful. Crushing the working class to build their empires and gain all they can from our blood, sweat and tears. The hive is referencing people or our society as a whole. Do we follow blindly to serve our leaders or do we carve our own paths and strive for a brighter future?

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