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Oslo post-metalcore power pack HALCYON DAYS break down new album “Keep Myself From Sinking”

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Energetic as always, HALCYON DAYS deliver their newest output and third studio album “Keep Myself From Sinking” on Nov 5th on Indie Recordings! The aggressive attitude of their sound takes the best out of metalcore’s breakdown affinity and atmospheric layers that might remind you of genre leaders like Architects , While She Sleeps , and Our Hollow, Our Home.

Halcyon Days have released two EP’s, and two albums since their beginning in 2012. With the crushing new offering, the band delivers a stellar production, making the album “Keep Myself From Sinking” a fascinating and spectacular post-metalcore sonic experience!

To celebrate its release, we have teamed up with guitarist André Sørensen, who sat down with us and shared a quick track by track breakdown for the full album below!

1. Awakening

The opening track. There is no warning to this album, goes straight to the point with this opening track. We thought that this would be a cool start. For what might sound like a love song at some point, this track is about substance abuse and how dangerous it can be to get into.

2. Hands of Time

Before we came to the studio, this was a completely different track. Our studio legend, Daniel Bergstrand helped us out a lot and Robbe re-created the whole vocal structure in one day. I think it turned out great in the end.

3. Shadows

This song was the one we thought was going to be “the hit” from this release due to the pop structure and a more welcoming tune for the general ear. It is our first track with acoustic guitar, and I think we will take this with us one some later releases.

4. Collapsing Walls

One day, our guitarist, Ulrik came to band practice and laid down a whole track. It fitted right in, and we decided then and there that this one had to be one of the tracks to end up on the album.

5. Keep Myself from Sinking

The title track. We went a bit back to our older roots with this one, pleasing the metalcore kid in us. We wanted to make one bouncy, yet in your face track. It ended up being the title since the lyrics kind of pulls the whole idea together.

Continued below…

Halcyon Days

6. Collecting Scars

Some of the parts from this track is from before we wrote our previous album (Rainsoaked Pavement and Fresh Cut Grass). It was a unfinished ide that we finally got to make a whole track out of.

7. Sleepwalking

This is the very last single we release before the whole album came out. We can all say that the chorus on this track is our favorite. We had a lot of good help from our guy, Lars Bjerke. He is the one who puts the spice on the pizza. We got really positively surprised when we heard both Robbe’s vocals and the synths from Lars on this chorus for the first time.

8. Better Days

A song about brothers helping a fellow bro in need. Being there for each other and getting help through a shitty period. This needed to be a heavy one. It is one of the heavier tracks we’ve made in a while. We’ve got really good feedback on this one and it is a lot of fun to play live. So, I think we might go more in this direction on our next release.

9. Face Exposed

This was on of the last tracks we made that we decided to put on the album. We also had some other ideas laid down, but they might be used for other tracks on the future.

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