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“Out Of The Cradle Endlessly Rocking” – political hardcore act ATTERKOP premiere new LP!

ATTERKOP live by Rosanna Hanson Design
ATTERKOP, by Rosanna Hanson Design
ATTERKOP started out as a political ska band, but on their new intellectually engaging record “Out Of The Cradle Endlessly Rocking” they obviously drop most of the ska/dub stuff and now sound like a really interesting, unconventional hardcore / post hardcore with super political lyrics. Today, we’re giving you an exclusive first listen of this varied, multi-style, raging new offering from ATTERKOP, along with a first hand commentary below! Be sure to give it a thorough listen and grab a copy via Prejudice Me Records (UK), Pumpkin Records (UK) or Abracadaboum (FR)!

The second album “Out Of The Cradle Endlessly Rocking” is heavier and darker moving away from dub punk and drawing more of an influence from post-hardcore. We are all either in our thirties or hurtling towards them and as such, our backs hurt, we feel tired and we don’t want to play off beats anymore for fear of people mistaking us for being happy.

The message of the record is much the same as all our output; we don’t like oppressive ideology and want to support those who shoulder the yoke of it. In previous records this was more direct and outwards looking. However, in this record we also share reflections on the power structures within our local community, the “punk” “scene”. Women and people of colour being marginalised, police oppression, animal rights and the venture capitalist zeal some of our contemporaries.

The album title is based on a poem by Walt Whitman, some themes of this poem come out in the record. Our last album also had an esoteric literary reference in the title and we’re all about the slow burner in jokes…


ATTERKOP cover art by ‘Colm’, a tattoo artist from the north of England.

In the true spirit of DIY everything was recorded by our guitarist Ian in Bristol. This record was mastered by Matt Martin at MOA in Bulgaria. It features our very talented friend Bridget Hart doing some spoken word to music (check out her poetry!!) and other friends Sam from Bolshy and Iain from Autonomads sounding angry.

Atterkop are four people united in our love of the Household Name Records discography 2000 – 2005. We enjoy LAN parties, D&D and vaping. Our future plans include raising our children and pets and ensuring we play just enough gigs to keep our van on the road and completing all the side quests in Skyrim.

ATTERKOP by Rosanna Hanson Design

ATTERKOP by Rosanna Hanson Design

ATTERKOP live dates:

26/01/2019 – Bristol Album Launch Moor Brewery
02/03/2019 – Plymouth
16/03/2019 – The Fulford Arms, York
13/04/2019 – Lancaster
23/05/2019 – EU *TBC*
24/04/2019 – Rattenloch, Schwerte
25/05/2019 – Hafer Hamburg, Hamburg
26/05/2019 – EU *TBC*
08/06/2019 – Warrington
13/07/2019 – The Klondyke, Manchester
24/10/2019 – EU *TBC*
25/10/2019 – EU *TBC*
26/10/2019 – EU *TBC*
09/11/2019 – The Fighting Cocks, Kingston

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