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“People Normally Die When They Are Killed” – synthcore duo MIKAU premiere new jam!

MIKAU by Daniel Kost
Years after the 00s wave of nintendocore and electronicore, some of the most intriguing and explosive fusion genres defined by energetic synths, aggressive punk vocals, unorthodox progressive metalcore and hardcore breakdowns, it is still exciting to go discover new takes on the format. Washington, D.C.’s duo MIKAU have been bending our brains with their crafty tracks since last year, but their new single “People Normally Die When They Are Killed” takes sit to another level and makes you eagerly wait for their first full-length, which they are writing and recording as we speak. Today, we’re giving you the first listen of the track, along with the band’s explanation and official word below.

The song is about dealing with people close to you breaking down physically. Specifically, relatives passing away or dealing with health issues due to age. Also reflecting on others in your life through that lens and trying to cope with not being able to help.

MIKAU is: John (vocals, lyrics, guitar) and Adam (vocals, guitar, bass, programming).

Art by Eden Strohmaier

Tracked, mixed, and mastered by Adam Stergis and remixed by Austin O’Rourke, the single also includes a b-side remix of a song MIKAU contributed to that Kitty on Fire split back in June. 

“People Normally Die When They Are Killed” lyrics:

It’s been a few weeks since I came around.
I’ve been trapped in conversations with a ghost of my former self.

I fear your body breaking down.
My nervousness never seems to help.
What am I supposed to do without that guiding hand?
If there’s one thing I want to believe.
It’s that you’ll make peace with your concern for me.

With your heart in my hands – when you’re on that hospital bed – I’ll listen.

That sea salt breeze, a crashing wave, and the memory comes back to me.
I was up to your knees, your hand in mine, as foam bubbled up along the shoreline.

You always deserved better.
A handwritten note on crumpled paper.

How many years do you think we have left after all the time spent wasted in my own head.
I’ve been tired, I’ve been selfish, but I’m quickly learning that every life has an end.

How many times have I tried to leave?
Believing that I’m adding strain.
But you always know just what to say.
To keep my mind from leading me astray.

“People Normally Die When They Are Killed” – synthcore duo MIKAU premiere new jam!
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