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PAINTED FACES – “Anymore” video

London, Ontario’s PAINTED FACES pop up with a new video for their melodic indie rock track “Anymore”! The band’s released their debut EP “The Drawing Board” in November 2013, a follow up EP, “The Vinyl Signs” in September 2014, and 4 different music videos including this one!


I don’t know, But I’ve been told
That everything
That turns to gold rusts
Broken Bones
Will cut me down
Count my rings
Till they dust

Everybody knows that I’ve been playing (games)
Aftershock is all that they’ll be feeling (shame)
I don’t think I’ll do this anymore

I stand Atop, A shallow grave
With see through hands
I see my etched name
Holy Shit, The holy ghost
Reach out for me
As he spoke

The greatest of our days (are over)
And I just feel the same
The greatest of out times (are ending)
And I don’t think I’ll do this anymore

Wake me up, from hours flat
Towards the light
But I’m pulled back
They’ll call it a miracle
I’ll slice a bath and sit still

There’s an old man, In the city where I sleep
And he will tell his tales
There’s an old woman, in the forest where I played
And she will cleanse her soul
I’m an old man, in an unfamiliar place
And I will reap my woes
I’m an old man
And I’m getting scared
That I know I can’t take this anymore

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