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PEASANT – “Heed the Will” video

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Cape Town’s PEASANT are back with a new wild music video for the song “Heed the Will”, coming from their 3rd EP out next week called “No Love”. Check out their refreshed line-up in action and get stoked, cause this record will be full of fast, noisy jams full of hooks that might remind you of some of the finest metal/hardcore hybrids you’ve recently heard.

Filmed by Duran Levinson, Jay Thomson and Gerhard de Kock.


Impure heart
Rot from the start
You pilfer
And take what you want

No respite,
No respite to offer

You pillage
And take from the lost

Our leader
The ghost of days gone
The lingering pain of the past and whats wrong

The untouchable one
Your greed knows no end, you’ll take til all’s gone

Heed the will of those left
And the wishes of the dead
You will pay for for your debts
And the waste of of this land

Change is here
Heed the will

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