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Philadelphia screamo act SUPINE streaming ecellent new album “No Altar For The Company Man”

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No Altar For The Company Man, the newest atmopsheric screamo opus from Philly based band SUPINE has just been revealed through I.Corrupt.Records in Europe and No Funeral Records in North America. Stream the full record below.

““No Altar For The Company Man” is a reconciliation between the divorce of labor from its product and the internalization of personal inadequacy.” – comments the band.

“The imagery of domestic turbulence is presented as the consequence of struggling within a man-made transactional system designed to concentrate wealth and power. Our individual self-care routines and mindfulness practices are prescribed to distract and satisfy ourselves within the futility of these systems, to leave the hierarchical structures of capitalism unchallenged though we innately carry the guilt of the increasingly unnatural state of human existence.”

“No Altar For The Company Man” is a cohesive debut album from Philadelphia’s Supine. Combining thought-provoking visual art with dark chaotic riffs and intense poetic lyrics, the band stands out as a rarity and something to be cherished in the current hardcore scene. With its nine tracks of heavy, noisy and sometimes dissonant screamo sound the album comes along like a total thunder storm. It is made for fans of Welcome The Plague Year, Portrayal Of Guilt, or Ostraca.

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