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Philadelphia’s FIXATION release 3 new promo jams!

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After parting ways with frontman Matthew Green, Philly’s FIXATION are back with their new vocalist Wyatt Oberholzer (producer for bands including Year of the Knife and Struck Nerve)! The band just released 3 new song to showcase their new sound and they kick ass! Listen below, go here to learn more, and be sure to check out our end-of-the-year feature with FIXATION at this location.

Fixation drummer Dan White tells No Echo of the split:

“After 2 years with Matt, things just weren’t working out. We had a number of personal differences and disagreements on how things should be handled as a band. We didn’t feel that he appropriately represented us as a group. So, we decided it would be better to continue on with out him. Wyatt currently plays bass in two of Michael’s other bands (Drowse, Chemical Fix) and has filled in on bass for us before.

When he expressed interest in trying out for vocals, we were all sort of baffled because Wyatt has never fronted a band before and none of us even knew what he would sound like. He’s been involved with Fixation since the beginning—not to mention he’s a close friend of ours—so of course that would seem like the perfect replacement. It’s funny because he already knew most of the lyrics anyway, seeing as he recorded every Fixation song and has probably listened to each track a hundred times. Wyatt showed up to our next practice to give it a shot and blew all of us away. We immediately knew this was the perfect fit for us. This is what what we needed.”

Guitarist Mike Bifolco adds:

“Musically, our sound has taken a darker tone. We’re still doin the whole playing fast in E standard thing that a lot of the scene right now may be intimidated and confused by. The new material is heavier and more dynamic without losing any of the energy from our previous releases.

In this effort we are pulling more influence from bands like AFI, Samhain, and American Nightmare. This was just the most natural transition for us to take and we’re all excited about it again.”

Nothing feels right
When I’m always on the outside
My hands are always pressing glass
Nothing is mine
This is someone else’s life
And I don’t think I fit the part quite right

Can’t make a connection
Can’t fake an interest

Can’t sleep, can’t eat
Can’t think, can’t speak
Can’t breathe, can’t breathe, can’t breathe
(When the pressure builds up in my head)

I’m not supposed to be here
I wasn’t meant to belong
I never wanted to be here
I didn’t want to belong

Alive, though every day gets a little bit darker
And the sun’s shaded blue (in my eyes)
Yeah, “this one’s been a long fucking winter”
Ten years (in my head) all I wanted was death

Learned to hide it,
“I think I’m just a little tired”
Forced a smile,
Lied again.
(When I said I was alright)

Crawled out through your bedroom window
I walked home alone in the dark

Black clouds don’t follow me at night.

All of the kids I knew, they’ve all been fucking dying

Glassy-eyed, frozen hearts
Fragmented lives planned on cutting short
Golden boys and decorated girls are dying young
Needles in their arms
I can’t say I blame them,
We were sold a dream that we can’t afford
(We were never going to leave)

It’s so hard to find your place in a world that doesn’t want you

Move on from this place

All of the kids I knew, they’ve all been fucking dying

Karol Kamiński

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