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Best records of 2019, by Philly’s raw 80s infused punks FIXATION

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The year 2019 is slowly coming to an end and what better way to end the year than to wrap it up with some original listings from our friendly labels, bands, and artists from all the spectrum of alternative and underground music. Today, we extend our newest series with the newest “best of” listing by guitarist Mikey Bifolco, bassist Justin Pringle and drummer Dan White of Philadelphia based hardcore punk band FIXATION! Dan sat down with us and gathered a couple of great offerings worth a solid check. Read up, listen, and share your own recommendations in the comments section below.

2019 was a wild ride for us as a band. We were fortunate enough to play FYA, This Is Hardcore, released a new EP, tour across the entire United States, play bad ass shows up and down the east coast all year, making lots of new friends along the way. It’s been sick. Most recently we kicked out our singer, (Matthew Green is no longer a member of Fixation) and replaced him with our dearest Wyatt Oberholzer (that tall guy that plays in Chemical Fix, and probably has recorded your band). We have lots of new material in store for 2020 and will continue to play/tour as much as we can. – Dan White (drums)

BEST RECORDS OF 2019 LIST by Mikey Bifolco (guitar)

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Spell Runner – Always on the Cool LP

I like this LP cause it’s like if Dick Dale became a voodoo witch dr and got a vape pen.

Restraining Order – This World is too Much LP

I like this LP cause it’s like all the hardcore I grew up listening to, but the singer draws goofy pics of you and leaves it on the your fridge.

Rule Them All – Dreams About EP

I like this LP cause it’s like handsome NY dudes playing Tony Hawk songs you never heard before.

Gulch – 2019 Promo

I like this Promo cause like I’m under 5’8 and like to crawl under the couch and eat cereal that I dropped the day before.

Halshug – Drøm LP

I like this LP cause it’s like real cool punk mosh riffs and also i don’t need to know the words because it’s in a different language.

She Past Away – Disko Anksiyete LP

Again, music is great. Don’t know what the guys sayin but I dig it. Great LP

Regional Justice Center – Institution EP

I like this EP cause it’s like 5 pissed off fast hardcore songs in under 6 seconds.

Mobile Terror Unit – Mobile Terror Unit EP

I like this EP cause it’s like pretty okay punk songs but the singer takes his pants off during their set and to me that shows guts.

Antagonize – Slip Death LP

I like this LP cause I judged a book by its cover. I liked the cover so I listened to it. It’s sick.

Ceremony – In the Spirit World LP

I like this LP cause it reminds of a weird Halloween school dance. ( like that one scene from Hocus Pocus)

BEST BOOKS/MOVIES OF 2019 by Justin Pringle (bass)

Well I don’t really read too much because fuck books and reading make me sleepy.

I also hate every new movie because Hollywood is lame and can’t come up with any new good ideas but my favorites movies are Joe Dirt, Fast and the Furious, and Dumb and Dumber.

Go Flyers!!!

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