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Pittsburgh indie emo alt rockers Luke and The Second Coming premiere debut single – listen!

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Some ideas were born for a different time. It took Luke Crouse ten years to get here. Luke and The Second Coming is an alternative rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Channelling the emotion and honesty of old school songwriters and the universal bombast of your favorite arena mainstays, L2C is finally in the right place at the right time.

Ten years from the start, Luke teamed up with his good friend Ben France and other veterans of Pittsburgh music with eyes set on finding their place in the world. Some ideas were born for a different time. Prepare for The Second Coming.

Today, the band is releasing their debut single titled “Sun Don’t Shine”, and we’re stoked to let it shine on you for the first time, right here!

The single is the first on the band’s upcoming self-titled full length album, which will be available this spring.

Of the song, vocalist and songwriter Luke Crouse says “The song is about a specific brand of depression that comes from living in the rustbelt wasteland where we get 30 days of sunlight per year”.

“This is probably my last shot at getting famous for something I’ve written, so we knew we had to pick a single that was going to resonate with people immediately.” – comments Luke.

“It’s the same reason it’s the lead track on the album. It’s familiar, it’s relatable, and it rips. It’s Tom Petty, it’s Taylor Swift, it’s Jimmy Eat World and it’s the big guitars we all love to hear. To me, the song is everything I’m about. Big hooks hidden under alt rock, and a little bit of emo in the lyrics.”

Asked about their writing pricess, Luke continues: “Ben and I started playing these songs, and I think we originally conceived of this as a vanity release, but as we kept working we started floating the idea of playing out again. Matt was a no brainer; he’s been holding down the low end with me for close to 10 years and if you can find a better bassist, I’ll eat my hat.”

Luke by Abigail McNatt Photography
Luke and The Second Comin by Abigail McNatt Photography

“I knew I didn’t want to play guitar if we started playing, so Evan and I started talking about who to bring on board. Zack and I had shared the stage when he had been fronting a band called Primer & Grayscale, and I met up with him and Sean again at an open mic and told him I might be starting a band. I joked about recruiting him and Sean to play guitar for me and he said to send him the details.”

It took almost a year to pull it together, but the band reached out when we were ready to play and they were both on board. “Similar to me, Brenden had been in a number of bands that didn’t work out, and when Evan told him I was looking for guitarists, he knew all the music the next day.” – says Luke.

“I think everybody here was in a spot where we thought this rock and roll dream had ended and we were ready to move on to other things, whatever that is for each of us. The vision is to remember something that we used to treasure, that we thought was lost, and to do what we’re doing just because we like it. To me, that’s the Second Coming.”

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