Pittsburgh screamo act ANNAKARINA video interviewed!

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“Unceremony” by ANNAKARINA is nothing but pure and unadulterated bliss, delivering finely crafted post hardcore and real screamo in the vein of SUIS LA LUNE and your favourite screamo legends ORCHID. ANNAKARINA have been around since 2010 out of Philadelphia, PA with a whole crew of different members and Craig being the only original member. Between 2010 and now, the members have changed and there have been a total of 13 different members playing in this band, with this current lineup being the definitive lineup. “Unceremony” was recorded by Matt Very of Very Tight Recordings in late November and released by Driftwood Records in early December. This unique effort takes a while to grow into your ears, but with each passing listen, the experience takes into a level of appreciation that I you associate with a true musical masterpiece. The classic screamo aspect of their art offers a familiar taste and an energetic bounce, but it’s made more interesting by a deliberate incorporation of transcendental post rock and progressive math metal. This and a lot more pushed me to ask them a few questions about the band, their work, and a few more. Watch the full video interview and be sure to check out “Unceremony”, streaming below!

My apologies for not editing the video, but I was such in such a rush on posting! Besides, it feels more natural, doesn’t it? Watch the full interview below.

ANNAKARINA are comprised of 4 members: Craig Hodgkins on guitar/vox, Mike Freund bass/vox, Travis Lamanna drums, Jeremy Flynn guitar/vox.

Questions asked:

1. Hey guys! Thanks a lot for doing this interview! Your name surely sounds very familiar to real screamo maniacs. Have you heard of the Italian band ( Why ANNAKARINA?

2. You’ve just released your epic debut full length “Unceremony”. I can’t say how beautiful this record is – I just fell in love with it !Personally, what kind of accomplishment have you guys made with this effort?

3. Musically, it’s a really strong, rich set of compositions. How did you develop your style?

4. Is there a core concept behind the record? What inspires your lyrics?

5. What is your earliest memory of creating art? Have you had a lot of musical or non-musical projects that have been satisfying your hunger for creative works?

6. What motivates and inspires you to create?

7. Ok buddies. Are you taking this new record on the road? Tell us a bit about how you approach live gigs and what they mean to you.

8. Come to Poland! :)

9. How vital is the future of your local music scene? Please shoot us a brief local scene report of the Pittsburgh area :)

10. Alright guys. Thanks a lot! Any final shout outs for Driftwood Records and other people that helped you out with this release?

11. Are you still in touch with your ex-members? There had been a bunch of them in the pre-Unceremonial era! What’s wrong with you guys? ;)

12. Did any of you guys make some great resolutions for this year?

13. Thanks! Cheers from freezing cold Warsaw! Take care!

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