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Portland, OR’s blackened hardcore pack DEAD COUNTRY release debut album

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The world of hardcore has morphed over the years in so many directions and styles that the actual feel of the music tends to get lost in translation. Rarely anymore do you find something that works so well that it almost works TOO well. The Pacific Northwest may be inundated with artists from all walks and genres, but we here at Blackhouse have teamed up with a band that truly stands on its own for their debut full length release, and the pairing couldn’t be any more perfectly timed. Enter Portland, Oregon’s blackened hardcore machine, DEAD COUNTRY!

Portland, notorious for hit TV shows, donuts, and being the import/export hub to and from Japan that it is, lurks an intricate community of DIY-based bands building community through their efforts. Not just by way of composing and executing amazing audio, but by putting on shows, raising political and social awareness, holding charity and volunteer events, and, at the heart of it all, releasing some seriously amazing music. Featuring ex-members of local Oregon and California State legends Those Who Lie Beneath, L.I.A.R., and Whore Monger DEAD COUNTRY does just that, bringing some of the most brutal hardcore the area has to offer, but doing it without going overkill. The complexity is just right, and the hooks will make you want to listen over and over again until your stereo melts. That’s why DEAD COUNTRY works so well. They are abrasive, well-crafted, and REAL.

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