POSITIONER by Cole De La Isla
POSITIONER by Cole De La Isla
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POSITIONER’s “Possession Arrow” – a progressive synthesis of emotion and experimentation

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Possession Arrow,” the debut album from Positioner unfolds a new chapter in the musical journey of composer-guitarist George Pritzker, formerly of Weatherbox and Japandi. The significant life events of 2016, including the addition of a new family member and the loss of his father, prompted Pritzker to redirect his focus. Transitioning from academic endeavors in Los Angeles, he gravitated back towards San Diego, a move that signified not only a change in location but also in his creative direction.

This return was not just geographic but also an emotional and artistic pilgrimage. In the midst of touring as a video artist for Cults, the urge to form Positioner solidified. 2018 saw the genesis of the project, heavily inspired by local artists that shaped Pritzker’s sonic tastes, reminiscent of bands like Sleeping People, No Knife, Pinback, and Tristeza.

POSITIONER by Victor Duran
POSITIONER by Victor Duran

His passion project’s first outing, the EP “Unsteady Hands” (2020), was more than just a set of songs—it was an homage to these artistic inspirations. But it was the addition of drummer Drew Pelisek and bassist Jake Kelsoe in 2021 that truly breathed life into Positioner’s unique sound and enabled the creation of a more expansive work.

Their newest full length offering, “Possession Arrow“, is an auditory exploration that refuses to be pigeonholed. Recorded under the adept supervision of Ben Moore and Tommy Garcia, the album showcases the band’s penchant for embracing the musically unusual without alienating their audience.

Today, we’re thrilled to give you an early listen fo the full album below!

The technical brilliance of the layered riffs meets melodic vocals, creating an intriguing blend of sound. Ambient tones, reminiscent of Pritzker’s time as a graduate student at Calarts, coupled with field recordings from his father’s cancer journey, provide poignant undertones throughout.

Positioner exhibits a nuanced approach to their musical compositions, often shifting between pure instrumental and vocal arrangements. As elucidated by George Pritzker, one of their tracks titled “Flail” from “Possession Arrow” encapsulates this blend.

The track comprises a succinct vocal chorus enveloped by extended instrumental sequences. The lyrical simplicity, featuring a repetitive two-line chorus, is symbolic rather than straightforward. Pritzker drew inspiration from the imagery of grounded birds, employing it as an allegorical representation of anxiety’s dual aspects: an overwhelming feeling of erratic motion contrasted with a stifling sensation of immobility, highlighting the intricate relationship between the two states.

POSITIONER by Cole De La Isla
POSITIONER by Cole De La Isla

Pritzker, reflecting on the emotional tapestry of the album, mentioned, “Becoming an uncle and losing a parent shaped how I moved forward in my life…as a band we’ve tried to embrace both—the light and the dark, the playful and the difficult—through this album project.”

The album is an amalgamation of genres and a testament to the band’s approach to music as an avenue for navigating profound life changes.

Positioner continues to share their musical exploration live, with their next performances slated for the following dates below.

POSITIONER by Victor Duran
POSITIONER by Victor Duran

9/21/23: San Diego, CA / Tower Bar
10/28/23: Dulzura, CA / Ichiban Fest

Spotify Pre-Save for “Possession Arrow” is available here.

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