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Positive hardcore punks WITH HONOR premiere new singles “My Anchor” And “Rank & File”

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Connecticut-based hardcore band With Honor has revealed plans to release their fresh album, “Boundless“, on September 8th, 2023, under the label of Pure Noise Records. Following up from their classic first LP, Heart Means Everything, that was reissued in 2022, Boundless marks their first new collection since 2005’s This Is Our Revenge.

With Honor

The twelve-track album harkens back to the band’s earlier days, featuring the same fervor and vivacity that characterized With Honor‘s inception. Recorded at the Silver Bullet Studios in Burlington, CT, with the assistance of their close friends and producers, Greg Thomas and Chris Teti, Boundless successfully encapsulates the band’s raw energy typically experienced in their live shows.

The album delves into a variety of themes ranging from nature and self-healing to societal issues such as poverty, gun-violence, and patriarchy. Despite the album’s tracks offering a seamless eruption of energy, the band insists that the writing process was a thoughtful one. With Honor strived to maintain authenticity and refrain from forced creativity.

To lead up to the album release, the band has unveiled two singles, “My Anchor,” and “Rank & File”. ‘My Anchor,’ as described by the lead vocalist Todd Mackey, speaks to the inner strength that is born from personal suffering and life’s major transitions.

The song advocates for choosing the right path, one that connects us with the hope required to seek peace and satisfaction.

Penned amidst a global pandemic and personal struggles, Boundless seeks to convert friction and tension into optimism. Mackey expresses that the album’s title resonates with the band’s conviction in the limitless potential of our spirits, hearts, and minds.

He also mentioned that the title underscores the band’s reconnection with each other, themselves, and their surroundings.

Rank and File’, the second single, attempts to challenge the damaging frameworks of masculinity in America.

With Honor

Mackey adds that it serves as a critique to the notion that one’s primary aspiration should be amassing wealth through the subjugation of others.

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