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Post punk tinged dance rockers COMMUNITY GARDEN catch the ear with addictive new single “Brush It Off”

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Burlington, Vermont based indie post-punk / dance rock trio COMMUNITY GARDEN‘s upbeat and infectious rhythms of new single “Brush It Off” serve a great introduction to what’s to come on their upcoming LP (slated for early 2020 release, and offer a great treat for fans of The Cure, Desperate Journalist, Soft Kill. Today, we’re pleased to inject some memorable melodies into your day and get you hooked on to something fresh.

Asked about the track and its meaning, the band’s vocalist Alex Raine commented:

I’ve dealt with a lot of anxiety in the past, and a lot of the music I’ve written has been about that/other negative things I’ve experienced. Going into writing this record I wanted to focus on upbeat and positive themes to go along with the more upbeat music we were writing; I quickly realized that is much harder to do. I eventually thought, ‘why don’t you just write a song about being happy?’. That sparked this song, as well as a few others, and really got the ball rolling toward some deeper themes that play out on the record.

The track comes from COMMUNITY GARDEN’s new album “Don’t Sweat It”, set to be released sometime in early 2020. It will be the band’s first album release after changing their name from “Entrance to Trains” to “Community Garden”.


Stress, induced when thoughts ensue
but lately I can cut myself some slack
life, and all that I pursue
well that’s a lot to shoulder on my back

I brush it off and to the side
I let myself enjoy the ride
I brush it off and to the side
I ease and calm my restless mind

Crashed, strung out with no relief
that shit can be so god damn crippling
stacked up with real self belief
I feel I can accomplish anything

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