Damien Done by Nathaniel Shannon
Damien Done by Nathaniel Shannon
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Post-punk’n’rocker DAMIEN DONE is back with new classy EP “Baby, Don’t Hearse Me”

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Our recent guest, DAMIEN DONE (Damien Moyal of AS FRIENDS RUST) has released a new EP on Mind Over Matter Records. Baby, Don’t Hearse Me contains three rather unnerving love songs, exploring themes of abduction, suicide and black market organ trafficking, delivered in Damien Done’s signature way — charmingly morbid and mired in bleak, controlled sarcasm. This release sees Damien Done crafting dark, chunky post-punk songs with a straightforward rock’’n’roll lean, at times evocative of Billy Idol, The Cars or TSOL.

Appropriately, the songs were released to the streaming world on Valentine’s Day, and pre-orders for the vinyl are up now at Mind Over Matter Records. The vinyl release will be every bit as odd as the content: A single-sided 11” with screen-printed B-side, limited to just 200 copies.

For fans of: Billy Idol, Danzig, Nick Cave, Iggy Pop, King Dude, TSOL, Grave Pleasures

Damien Done is back with three new tantalizing tracks which take us on a rocky trip through desire, the challenges of keeping promises, attempting to be the ideal lover, seeking affection, and even black market organ theft.

Picking up right where Charm Offensive left off, these new songs are upbeat rockers that follow a similar vein of thought. It’s dark, haunting, and somehow catchy as hell despite the creepy undertones of the songs. These three songs pack a punch and there is no filler to be found on this quick romp of an EP.

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