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Power rockers THOUSAND BELOW share new video for “171 xo.”

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THOUSAND BELOW, described as a “post-hardcore slamdown band” by their hometown paper The San Diego Reader, have shared the video for the song “171 xo.”

The track lives on the band’s sophomore effort, Gone In Your Wake, out now via Rise Records. The album is the follow up to 2017’s sleeper hit debut The Love You Let Too Close.

“‘171 xo’ has been a personal favorite of ours since we finished recording Gone In Your Wake and it has grown into one of our favorite songs to play live,” says singer James Deberg. “We talked to some length about having this song be one of the lead singles, but we ultimately felt the other three songs we chose showcased the diversity of the album better.”

He continues, “This song is about the stage in a relationship that sometimes happens after you split up — where it seems things have finally ended once and for all, but you still occasionally see one another. It’s about the hopeless phase of denial that this stage ultimately becomes in which other people have come in between you and the person you love, but you both still have feelings you are trying to suppress from one another. I wanted to capture the frustration of having someone surface back into your life as only a fraction of the part of your world they used to be, and the frustration that comes from someone you love only making you a priority when other people in their life have hurt them and they wish to feel something safe again.”

Deberg finishes “The ‘Killed And Born Again’ tour that began this February was such an amazing experience and it was the first time we played ‘171 xo’ live. The song got such a great reaction from the crowd and has such good energy that we felt we had to do a music video for it. We filmed the music video on a day of the KABA tour before the show with some very talented friends of ours and we think it came out great.”

The clip captures the band in performance mode, both indoors and on a rooftop, awash in different colors and textures. The song is a potent slab of moody, molten rock that strikes a nerve, thanks to its thunderous riffing and lyrics that are journal entry honest.

Press praise:

“Infectious.” —Alternative Press

“They rock. They roll. They shred. They mangle.” — San Diego Reader

The album “is emotive, compelling, and laden with elements that embed themselves into your very being, leaving a lasting impression.” — Cryptic Rock

“Gone In Your Wake is a must.” — New Noise

“Gone in your Wake takes everything we all know and love from their previous catalogue and multiplies it by… a ‘Thousand.'” — Heavy New York

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