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Pre-orders for the “Times Are Changing: A European Hardcore Compilation” LP are up!

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This compilation features some of the finest hardcore bands around in Europe these days, and Destroy Your World Inc. couldn’t be more happy to have worked with them! Get your copy via this location.


Track listing:
01. No Turning Back – Can’t Keep Me Down
02. Backfire! – My Broken World
03. For The Glory – Darktimes
04. All For Nothing – Without A Doubt
05. Strength Approach – It’s Our Time
06. Last Hope – Break The Chains
07. Born From Pain – Change Or Die
08. Redemption Denied – Nothing Remains
09. We Ride – Never Lower Your Head
10. Risk It! – The Only Thing
11. Coldburn – Free Spirit
12. World Eater – World Peace
13. Knuckledust – Spill The Hate
14. The Setup – Walking Blind
15. Final Prayer – All Of Us
16. New Morality – The Future Is Ours

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