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PRETTYB0YZ – SHADY NASTY furthering their exploration of the mindset of those who live and die by the club

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SHADY NASTY are back with another track from their expansive EP, CLUBSMOKE. “PRETTYB0YZ” sees the Sydney three-piece furthering their exploration of the mindset of those who live and die by the club, with vocalist Kevin Stathis ruminating, “Should listen to my gut, maybe he’d teach me something new / Somethin’ worth my money, worth my time / But all I listen to is the bass pumpin’ out my tyres”. A glitched out and tense track, it follows previous singles “IBIZA” and “R0LL1N’ H1LLZ” as the band prepares for the EP’s release on October 8th via Royal Mountain Records and PIAS Australia.

When discussing the track, the band explained in typically obscure fashion, ““PRETTYB0YZ” is the indefinite renewal of your ticket to the harbour city’s work hard play hard lifestyle. With an endless cosmetic routine, you continue to pump your vape with the same vigour; eternally five years younger than your age, eternally in vogue.”

Shady Nasty

Embracing a sonic and directional shift, CLUBSMOKE sees the post-punk-meets-hip-hop-meets-hardcore band leaning into electronic and EDM influences more than ever before as the blur between their online and offline worlds intensifies. Following love from the likes of of The FADER, VICE, Stereogum, NME, Paste and more for last year’s acclaimed EP Bad Posture, CLUBSMOKE is a meditation on vlogging, gymming, clubbing and clout. Both ecstasy and emptiness are felt through the sonic and visual homages to their harbour city home, while Shady Nasty are both as entranced and disconnected as they’ve ever been.

“The Australian trio’s sound can turn on a dime between ethereally pretty and menacingly dark” Kerrang!

“apocalyptic new single called “IBIZA” is full of menacing reverb and deadpan spoken-word delivery” Stereogum

“One of the best rock songs right now” The FADER

“[“IBIZA”] is characteristically eclectic in style, combining gritty hip-hop and post-punk elements…it’s an intense, menacing track centred around extravagance” NME

“Jittery and tense blasts of sketchy rock that sounds like kids born in the late 90s have discovered some early Helmet or Mark of Cain records. This is good rowdy stuff.” VICE

“[Shady Nasty] coil like a slowly flexing bicep…and the result is more effective for its patience and open-endedness.” Beats Per Minute

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