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“Profit Over Poison” – OUT. LIVE. DEATH. comment on the greed of modern corporations

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Predicting the sound of any given NYHC infused song takes little time, but still there are dozens of great bands that manage to keep it interesting with their powerful blend of hardcore/metal styles. Long Island based, politically charged band OUT. LIVE. DEATH. have already impressed us with a duo of new singles last year (scroll down to check them out),  and now they’re back with another new jam from their upcoming State of Mind Recordings debut called ‘Has the Past Taught us Nothing?’!  Today, we’re pleased to give you “Profit Over Poison”, a new track that serves a solid portion of meaty riffs, energizing dynamics shifts and crossover patterns that are definitely worth your attention.

OUT.LIVE.DEATH features members of Live Fast Die Fast, and Buying Time. The band’s new record ‘Has the Past Taught us Nothing?’ comes out February 24th via State Of Mind Recordings  and is a perfect treat for fans of KILL YOUR IDOLS, ENSIGN, BY THE GRACE OF GOD, the good old energizing vibe of NYHC cannon.

Here’s what they have to say about the lyrical content of “Profit Over Poison”:

Big corporations only care about one thing, the dollar. Not you. Not me. Not anything else besides how fat their pockets are getting. They will destroy what little we have if it means more for them. The environment? They don’t care, destroy it. The family structure? Fuck that, make me more money. They use divide and conquer tactics and we all fall victim.


Check out 2 previously released track, “Buried Alive” and

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