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Prog post hardcore rockers ALUXES blend progressive hardcore guitar work with glistening pop sensibility on their new single “Boscage Boogie”

With a range of influences, alt rock / progressive post hardcore outfit ALUXES ormed in the summer of 2016 in Bowling Green, Kentucky with the intention of pushing the boundaries of their sound by creating a crafty, eclectic blend of alternative rock genres that features multiple vocalists and funky rhythms. Their new track “Boscage Boogie” brings progressive hardcore intonations on the guitars with a mesmerizing lead vocal, the two of which intertwine deftly. The band has just announced their signing to Theoria Records, and will be sharing more new music later this year. Check out the exclusive first listen of the song above!

The band marries progressive hardcore guitar work with glistening pop sensibility as they tell the story of a group of animals trying to retake the forest from humans, a light-hearted tale with a poignant undertone.

“Boscage Boogie” is about animals trying to take back the forest from humans in an all out war, and is a light commentary on the importance of maintaining a balance with nature, respecting it and taking care of it, as it takes care of us. – Mark Taylor

Since the release of 2017’s debut single “Marble Hornets”, Bowling Green, Kentucky’s Aluxes have honed an ambitious array of influences from across post-hardcore and alternative rock, wowing fans with their instrumental dexterity and soaring lead vocal.


Duo of 2020 singles “Collapse” and “Could Be” furthered the trio’s regional recognition, as they continued to fuse genre boundaries with their crafty, eclectic “swancore”, incorporating multiple vocalists and a bouquet of funky rhythms.

Aluxes is: Mark Taylor, Vocals/Bass; Jack Dickerson, Guitar/Vocals; Jake Rickard, Guitar/Vocals

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