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PROTEST THE HERO’s fans fund their new album in one day

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The sneaky bastards in PROTEST THE HERO have made it. The band has launched an Indiegogo campaign to support their new album and they have collected more than $175 000 in a few hours (!). The sum is over $ 50 000 more than the original goal. How’s that? Funding music projects by fans has stepped into a new level, hasn’t it? Go here if you want to donate them even more.

The band commented:

That was pretty fuckin insane, right? Needless to say we are shocked, and eternally in your debt,” the band stated. “From those of you who simply spread the word, to the crazy big spenders, our deepest and and most sincere thank you. In a time when we thought our fan base was potentially dwindling, you guys came and gave us a much needed kick in the pants. Our confidence is at an all time high and we have you to thank for that.

Here’s the original message posted by the band 20 hours ago:

Dear friends, listeners, well-wishers, and soothsayers,

The first of many announcements is upon us. It’s one small step for band, and one giant leap for band-kind (not really). Today, we nervously begin our campaign to raise money for the production of our new record. We will no longer be accepting monetary advances from labels to fund albums. We now turn to our friends, family, and our fans to help us make this album. Please take a look at our campaign – then decide whether to throw us a couple bucks or a couple of middle fingers!

protest the hero

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