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SECTARIAN VIOLENCE premiere new song! Grave Mistake Records issues 2013 update!

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SECTARIAN VIOLENCE are streaming a new song called “Upward Hostility,” the title track from their upcoming album, to be released in March via Grave Mistake Records and Carry The Weight Records. Dope!

The band issued the official word:

Sectarian Violence will be releasing an LP titled “Upward Hostility” on Grave Mistake Records in America and Carry The Weight Records in Europe in March 2013. The ten new songs were recorded on warm, two-inch tape by Kevin Bernstein of Developing Nations Studios in Baltimore, MD at the tail end of the band’s US tour last summer.

The record will be released just in time for the band’s “Upward Hostility European Tour” hitting England, France, Spain and Portugal in March & April.

Catch them live in March:
23 BRADFORD (uk)
25 PARIS (fr)
26 TOULOUSE (fr)
28 VALENCIA (es)
29 TBA (get in touch)
30 TBA (get in touch)
31 LISBON (pt)

… and in April:
2 MADRID (es)
4 NANTES (fr)
5 LILLE (fr)
8 BRISTOL (uk)
9 LONDON (uk)

sectarian violence

In other news, Grave Mistake Records have issued a massive 2013 update summing up what’s going on in their camp:

Here it is … the official GRAVE MISTAKE RECORDS 2013 “State of the Label” Address!!! A LOT has been going on over here over the past several months and 2013 is looking to be the label’s busiest year to date. For now, here is somewhat of an overview of what’s coming up, but you can expect more detailed, release-specific updates in the coming weeks and months including new music, cover art, tour dates, and more!

In addition to Grave Mistake releases, I will also be helping my good friend Bobby Egger relaunch the VINYL CONFLICT Record Label this year. For those who don’t know, Bobby took the reigns of Vinyl Conflict Record Store here in Richmond in early 2012 when the shop’s original owners Brandon and Lauren Ferrell moved away. With the store, Bobby was also given the label, which was originally a “sub” label of No Way Records with a focus on Richmond Punk and Hardcore bands. We’ve been talking about restarting the label for a little while now with that same focus, and finally have its first two releases on deck!

If you have yet to hear any of these bands listed below, I’ve put links to check them all out at the end of the email so please do so!

GRAVE MISTAKE RECORDS / Upcoming Releases for 2013

We originally planned on having this out in 2012, unfortunately some plant delays forced us to push it back a bit but that’s OK! After four killer 7″s (including the “Cry Cry Cry” 7″ that came out on GM in 2011), this is the first 12″ from DC’s THE SHIRKS and I’m honored to be releasing it on Grave Mistake! Eight new tracks at 45 rpm and probably the rawest (meaning that in a GOOD way) sounding Shirks recording to date! We’ve got vinyl in house, but still putting the final touches on the artwork so expect this to be available early February! The Shirks also have some tour/show plans for this Spring as well for the South, Midwest, and East Coast!

GRAVE057: BIG EYES “Demo 2010″ 7”
A co-release with EVIL WEEVIL RECORDS, who originally put these tracks to vinyl a few years back. The original pressing has been unavailable for some time, and we all felt that these tracks were too good for “OOP” status … so we are thrilled to be assisting Evil Weevil with a new pressing of this single. This rerelease will also have an all new cover art / layout! We’ve got vinyl in house for this one too, shooting for an early February release as well.

I think SICKOIDS might be my favorite (non-GM) band from 2012; their debut LP on RESIDUE RECORDS had me floored , as did their live show the several times I was lucky enough to catch ’em. When I saw that SORRY STATE was planning to release a new 12″ from the band, I’m not going to lie, I called Daniel and pretty much begged him to let me co-release it with him. Luckily both he and the band were very into the idea, so here we are. This new record SMOKES, I’ll leave it at that. Test pressings shipped out to us yesterday, and we’re hoping to have this one ready to roll by March!

GRAVE059: BIG EYES – New LP (title TBA)
When BIG EYES sent me their two tracks for the “Back from the Moon” single that GM released in 2012, I was in awe. A bit of a departure from the label’s typical “sound,” still I was extremely thrilled to be working with such an incredible band. Needless to say I was even more excited when they started talking about a new LP! We’ll have a bit more info on this new LP shortly, but the record is at the plant now and we are shooting for a mid-to-late March release date, and our good friend Michl will be releasing the LP in Europe on TAKEN BY SURPRISE RECORDS. I’m not going to go into much more detail here, but this record has been on pretty much constant rotation here at GMHQ since I got my hands on it. If you simply can’t wait until March, then track down their recent split 7″s with Mean Jeans or Audacity to hold you over! BIG EYES have a lot in the works for this year, so stay tuned!

For a band with members in three different countries, SECTARIAN VIOLENCE seem to stay busier than most bands that live in the same city! After releasing their debut 7″ last year, I was stoked to hear that the band was planning on releasing an LP for 2013. You may have gotten a little sneak preview if you picked up their “Conflict of Interest” demo this summer, but we’ve got ten blistering new tracks that should be out in time for their European tour this March/April! CARRY THE WEIGHT records will be handling a European pressing.

GRAVE061: 86 MENTALITY “Goin’ Nowhere Fast” LP
I’ve been talking about this reissue for a WHILE now … but guess what? The damn thing has been sent off to the pressing plant, so it’s officially going to happen! With both of 86 MENTALITY’S “S/T” 7″ and “On the Loose” 7″ out of print for some time now, we figured the easiest thing to do to keep this material in print would be to press it on one convenient 12″! This release will contain not only the tracks from those two EPs, but all of the extra tracks (demo track, OTL bonus tracks, covers) that appeared on the CD collection from 2005. So while there is no previously unreleased material, we’ve got a handful of songs seeing vinyl for the first time! We also plan to have some updated layout tweaks and liner notes, and the entire 12″ has been remastered by Dan at Mammoth Sound, and sounds better than ever!

GRAVE062: KREMLIN “Will You Feed Me?” 7″
Ivan from SCHOOL JERKS sent me the KREMLIN demos at the end of 2011, and I thought they were killer. They released their ripping debut 7″, “Will You Feed Me?” last year on Germany’s HARDWARE RECORDS, and while it got in a few hands, I thought everyone might benefit from an US pressing as well so I asked if they would be into the idea of having me press it over here and luckily they were! This will be off to the plant next week and hopefully will be out around the time their new LP on BEACH IMPEDIMENT RECORDS hits the shelves!

Also in the works on GRAVE MISTAKE RECORDS for 2013 …

NIGHT BIRDS “Born to Die in Suburbia” LP
Yup, that’s right! FINALLY a new NIGHT BIRDS full length in the works! NIGHT BIRDS have been pretty busy since 2011’s THE OTHER SIDE OF DARKNESS hit the streets; playing a ton of shows (including Europe, the West Coast, and even Hawaii!), releasing the Fresh Kills singles compilation on LP, and most importantly managing to write a TON of new material! They will be hitting the studio exactly one week from today and we are looking to have the new LP out late Spring / early Summer of this year. We know that’s pretty far away, but the band also has plans to release a single this Spring (on a label TBA) to tide you over until the new full length drops. NIGHT BIRDS also have a midwest tour booked this April/May with TENEMENT and GIVE, so if you are itching to hear some new tracks, be sure to catch ’em if they hit your town! And of course, the one and only TAKEN BY SURPRISE will be handling the European pressing of the new LP.

THE THUMBS “All Lesser Devils Session” LP
I’ve been talking about this reissue for a while now, but it will see the light of day this year I PROMISE! I’ve been listening to the remastered material for this release weekly since I got it last Spring! For those who know of THE THUMBS, I’m sure you hate me already for stringing you along for this long, so my apologies. For those who DON’T know of THE THUMBS … hopefully you will get an intro to them sooner than later!

STRIKING DISTANCE “March to Your Grave” LP
Originally planned to get this done last year with the 86 MENTALITY 12″, but of course for one reason or another that didn’t happen. This will be a co-release with the one and only YOUNGBLOOD RECORDS who originally released this LP back in 2001. One of DC’s best from the 2000’s, this LP needed to be put back in print for the hardcore masses of 2013 and I’m honored to be a part of making that happen!

BRAIN F≠ – New LP (Title TBA)
True, BRAIN F≠ have been laying low since the release of 2011’s SLEEP ROUGH LP, with members spread across the East Coast. They were, however, able to find the time to write and record a brand new LP! We aren’t really sure at the moment when this LP will see the light of day, but we are shooting to have it out sometime during the first half of 2013! This will of course be another split with SORRY STATE RECORDS, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

COKE BUST – New LP (Title TBA)
No specifics yet, but COKE BUST are currently writing for a new LP which will hopefully see the light of day on Grave Mistake this summer and we are stoked to be working together once again! If you were into the DEGRADATION EP or their more recent split 7″ with VACCINE, then expect nothing short of fast hardcore devestation from their second full length. COKE BUST also have some pretty rad touring plans for 2013, which you’ll be hearing about shortly.

VINYL CONFLICT RECORD LABEL / Upcoming Releases for 2013

VC-001: BARGE “No Gain” 7″
A fairly new Richmond band, BARGE has become one of my personal favorites and we felt they were the perfect band to kick off the restart of the Vinyl Conflict Record label. Blistering fast hardcore in the vein of your favorites of the genre (INFEST, NO COMMENT, etc etc), the band also puts on quite an intense live show to boot. A great follow up to their 2012 demo, this EP delivers eight crushing new songs clocking in around eight minutes … guaranteed to leave your jaw on the ground. Hoping to have this out by March!

VC-002: DEVIL’S HAND “Welcome the Slaughter” 7″
Another great new band from the crop of current RVA hardcorepunkmetal acts! Featuring members of UNHOLY THOUGHTS and DRY SPELL, DEVIL’S HAND have been going full steam since their demo came out in 2012. This new EP delivers three ferocious Nag Champa fueled tracks with a heavy MOTORHEAD / INEPSY vibe. Looking for a late March / early April release on this one.


Well, that’s all for now! As you can see, 2013 is shaping up to be an incredible year for GRAVE MISTAKE, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to work with so many amazing bands. Please feel free to get in touch if you have questions about any of these releases. If you do a label, store, or distro, and want to carry these (or any other Grave Mistake releases), or write reviews for a zine, blog, website, etc and want to check out these new releases for possible review – I’ll make sure you are taken care of when the time comes! You can check out all of these bands through the links below, so do it!!!

Oh also be sure to make plans to hit DAMAGED CITY FEST in Washington DC this April!!! ( … it’s going to rule!

Thanks for reading and for your continued support!



All current GRAVE MISTAKE Releases can be found streaming on the Bandcamp page at:













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