Against the Hypocrisy – Polish punk veterans INKWIZYCJA discuss the evolution of democracy

3 years ago, a staple of Polish alt punk music scene for decades, Cracow’s INKWIZYCJA, released an ucompromising 25th anniversary record “Wojny Nie Będzie”, their third full length  installment that proved the band’s ambitious lyrical commentary skills that evoke and motivate. Where many of their contemporaries have fallen victim to the tides of commercialization, INKWIZYCJA have survived to become a true punk rock institution. Their founder checked in with us to uncover some of the reasons for their longevity, discuss their thought-provoking work, and most of all, the evolution of democracy.

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Video credits: Grzegorz “Drut” Włodek – camera & edit / Tomasz Gorczyca – English translation.

Wojny Nie Będzie” by INKWIZYCJA was released in November 2014 and it marked the band’s first new record in 12 years. INKWIZYCJA are currently working on their next, yet-to-be-detailed record. Watch the video interview above to get more details and some first insights on that.

Questions asked:

1. Hey there guys! It’s so cool to have your veteran blood here on IDIOTEQ. How are you? How’s the summer time been treating you this year?

2. I’ve been thinking about possible issues and subjects that would serve as a perfect intro for this interview and I’ve realized we won’t run from some nostalgia, remembering the past and commenting on non-music stuff that fuel your lyrical sphere. So, please forgive me not making it a loose chit chat and starting off with some serious stuff :)

A lot of people would associate INKWIZYCJA with anti-war and anti-church lyrics, and these kind of issues are very often unique to certain moments in time and revolutionary events or developments within certain communities. What were your experiences like back in late 80s and early 90s? How would you comment on that old punk scene in Poland? How do you remember that time and the initial motives behind the decision to form INKWIZYCJA?

3. How much were the lineup of INKWIZYCJA involved in politics at that time?

4. Fast forward over 25 years later, how do you feel about our first entirely free Polish parliamentary elections and Poland’s transition from Communist Party rule to a Western-style liberal democratic political system? Is your current assessment very similar to the one you had back then?

5. How do you feel about democracy and current political and social situation?

6. Do we have a reason to fear an assault on our rights, liberties and justice these days?

7. What constitutes a perfect government and optimal social freedom? Is there a better way than democracy?

8. Back to punk rock, what memorable bands did you follow and watch at shows?

9. What set your local scene apart from other local punk communities, musical venues and artists of those time periods? Was there anything unique about Cracow’s punk environment back then?

10. Band-wise, how would you compare this new lineup with the older crew that existed back in the 90s? How has the band changed over the years?

11. You latest full length “Wojny Nie Będzie” (“There will be no war”) was released independently without any help from DIY labels whatsoever. How do you assess that experiment? Would you follow the same distribution method with your next record?

12. Speaking of your new moves, will there be a new record? Do you have some concrete plans regarding another EP or full length?

13. How about live shows? There’s only one upcoming gig listed on your website. Are there plans to book more shows in the coming months?

14. Are there some places in Poland that you’d like to visit with INKWIZYCJA before you part your ways?

15. How about international touring? Was it ever a tempting viable option for the band?

16. Thanks a lot for the quality update. Feel free to add your last words and take care! See you on shows!

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