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RACETRAITOR addresses violence in Honduras with “Chamelecón”

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This week marks the release of “Chamelecón“, a powerful new song and accompanying video from Racetraitor, which delves deep into the concerning violence in Chamelecón, Honduras. The track is a precursor to their forthcoming album “Creation and the Timeless Order of Things“, slated for release on November 17th via Good Fight Music.

Chamelecón” is an unapologetic commentary on the perpetual violence in the Honduran town, often overlooked by major news organizations. The song draws from the experiences of a band member who has been involved in public health projects in Chamelecón for over a decade. The evocative lyrics touch on harrowing themes such as public executions in soccer fields and the haunting traumas of violence echoing through the community.

The band illuminates the bleak backdrop of Chamelecón’s history, interwoven with colonization, corporate-backed governments, recent US-supported coups, police corruption, and rampant gang violence. Their poignant critique extends to the inadequate response of the state, the US government, and corporations, noting the lack of resources, justice, and global outcry.

The video, primarily shot in Chamelecón by local residents, juxtaposes the town’s desolate streets with the violent events narrated in the song.


Racetraitor, which was initially formed in 1996, consists of Mani Mostofi, Dan Binaei, Andrea Black, R. Brent Decker, and Andy Hurley.

Their forthcoming album, “Creation and the Timeless Order of Things“, promises a riveting amalgamation of soundscapes, echoing their fervent political ethos and a call for liberation from oppressive systems. The album’s development, originally scheduled for 2020, was disrupted by the pandemic. This unforeseen delay, however, allowed the band to reimagine their sound, leading to a more intense, psychedelic, and global sonic narrative. The album features collaborations with several notable artists, such as Dennis Lyxzen of Refused and Tim Kinsella of Joan of Arc.

“Creation and the Timeless Order of Things” has been meticulously crafted, with recording sessions at esteemed studios like Electrical Audio, and contributions from industry stalwarts like Greg Norman and Brad Boatright.

The album is now available for pre-order through Good Fight Music.

Racetraitor’s passionate fans can look forward to a live performance on December 9th at Sweat Fest in Grand Rapids, MI.

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