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“Reaper” – ROTTING OUT drop another new tune; listen!

California hardcore punks ROTTING OUT are readying their first new release in 5 years on 10th April via Pure Noise, and to promote it, they have just unveiled their new single “Reaper“! Check it out above and see its live rendition below.

Reaper lyrics:

What do you know about time and counting days?
The walls laugh as I cry wondering how I got this way.
The boy holds the gun and I quickly come undone but I know he’s gotta die if I am to survive.
I’ll play the reaper in my own life but I’m asking “why have i always been a servant to dark times?”

I’ll be certain to appreciate the purpose of why the boy became the serpent in a world that kept cursing him.
So boy come with me. It’s you and I.
It’s been a long time coming.
Hold my hand and close your eyes….time to die.

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