Recall: “Guerrilla Warfare” Video Zine documentary

For all of you who somehow missed this great video zine. “Guerrilla Warfare” documented the early 2000s NJ/NY area hardcore and did with a style! Private trade, DIY distribution spreading around raw energy, wild emotions, thousands of mosh kicks and dangerous and a solid insight into local hardcore punk / metalcore scene. Definitely worth your time. Enjoy!

The third and final edition of a series of three DVDs documenting the New York City area hardcore punk scene from 2001-2003. Featured bands are Billy Club Sandwich, Subzero, Irate, Ensign, Murphy’s Law, and special sections on Atomic Recording Studios in Brooklyn, New York Hardcore Tattoos in Manhattan, Afro-Punk documentary, and Hardcore artists Chris Beee and Kentax. There is also a second documentary included on the DVD covering the New York Hardcore band Everybody Gets Hurt’s (EGH) 2003 tour of Japan with Germany’s Settle The Score and Japan’s TJ Maxx. The theme of Never Give Up is to not compromise who you are under the negative influences of those around you and to follow your heart in pursuing your dreams and goals. This is demonstrated in the short film with Jessica Pimentel and by the bands that all have been around for many years and always stayed true to their styles despite the trends that have come and gone. In the World War III 2003 Japanese tour documentary, EGH demonstrate how success can follow a strong work ethic and how they have achieved worldwide success without any label support. They encompass everything that DIY (Do It Yourself) philosophy represents. Another interesting aspect of this is that young men and women who would’ve been fighting one another 60 years ago in World War II are now friends and share a stage with one another ultimately showing that music can bring unity to a world where governments divide people and force them to kill one another in wars.

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