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Reclaiming Hardcore: REACH A.D.’s intense visual unveiling in “Welcome To The Misery”

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If there’s a seismic shift rattling the roots of the European hardcore scene, then the epicenter is in Slovenia. Reach A.D., a five-piece dynamo, is amplifying the national credentials for hardcore with a complex blend of palpable metal undertones.

REACH A.D. have shared stages with big names like Terror and Deez Nuts and embarked on European tours with Risk It and Combust. And now, fresh from this burgeoning hype, comes their latest offering— their new single “Welcome To The Misery.”

Formed in 2017 and rebranded in 2021 from “Reach” to “Reach A.D.,” the band has navigated a labyrinth of self-produced EPs, demo CDs, split CDs, and compilation tapes—always steeped in the DIY ethos that is the lifeblood of the hardcore scene. While the name may have changed, the unyielding sonic assault has remained a constant. “Welcome To The Misery” serves as the band’s first venture with their new lineup, a track that unveils the subtle evolution of their sound.

“It’s about going through loss and hardships and dealing with difficulties life throws at you. Turn your pain into power.”

REACH AD by Denis Oletič
REACH AD by Denis Oletič

The song captures the existential struggle with life’s hardships, all rendered through crushing riffs and fervent vocals. Yet, what’s perhaps most intriguing about “Welcome To The Misery” is its paradoxical nature: the dark, foreboding atmosphere juxtaposes with its ultimately positive lyrical message. This dualism mirrors the vicissitudes of life itself—turning strife into strength, embracing failure and pain as immutable aspects of existence.

“A lot has changed in Reach A.D. camp since the release of our latest EP. The result is a brand new single ‘Welcome To The Misery,’ which is featured on all of the streaming platforms.” – says the band.

REACH AD by Denis Oletič

Reach A.D. is not a band to rest on its laurels. With shows already in the pipeline for the remaining months of this year, they’re also gearing up for an expansive 2024 tour.

An inaugural LP is in the works, making it clear that the band is both looking back on its journey and forward to its boundless potential.

“We’ve spent a lot of time finding our way and how we want to sound in the future. A lot of big things are coming in the future.” – they admit.


With this new release, Reach A.D. is making it impossible to ignore Slovenia’s formidable contribution to hardcore.


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