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Refuse Records releases update: Berlin sXe pack PRIMITIVE LIFE, Barcelona youth crew APPRAISE, Götheborg sXe crew WASTE, Dutch fastcore band BETERCORE!

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From the outset of his independent operations, European’s long running hardcore punk label Refuse Records, has maintained a pure DIY approach. Nothing around its associated artists, distribution, networking, and promotion is compromised and its products hold is exactly how the label intended it to be. Refuse has just released the details of 4 new arrivals, Berlin raw straight edge punks PRIMITIVE LIFE, Barcelona’s swingin’ youth crew APPRAISE, Gothenburg straight edge pack WASTE, and Dutch fastcore band BETERCORE, and we’ve gathered them all in one place so you could check them out and peel your ears to their pure, organic sound.

Order via refuseorder [at] gmail [dot] com.


REFUSE 138 PRIMITIVE LIFE “Man made disaster” 7″EP – Berlin Straight Edge! One of the most active band in the local DIY HC scene offering their second 7″ release. This one contains 7 tracks of urgent aggressive hardcore in the vein of The Rival Mob, No Tolerance, Freedom or Free Spirit. Lyrical topics include the current decline of the world/society thanks to human influence, fake personalities, animal cruelty and anti-fascism. This 7″ is coming out as a co-release between Refuse Records, Backbite Records and the band.


REFUSE 137 APPRAISE “Leap of faith” 7″EP – Appraise on their new release “Leap Of Faith” continues to expand and develop the sound of their LP with the music becoming heavier and faster. In this new chapter as a band, Appraise is complimented with lyrics and personal expression focused on acceptance, sadness, fear, rage and doubt.

WASTE! by Martin Semenysin

Photo by Martin Semenysin

REFUSE 136 WASTE “Executioner” 7″EP – Unapologetic straight edge – refuse to compromise! This Göteborg, Sweden based band started to fill void in their local scene after demise of bands like Anchor or Stay Hungry. Some of the members have been involved in bands like Lose The Life and The Hammer . Their hard, heavy and fast hardcore sounds like a combination of classic 80’s HC with influence of bands like No Warning, Trapped Under Ice and Cruel Hand. Their lyrics are political, leftist oriented as see straight edge itself as a political position.


REFUSE 135 BETERCORE “Completely out of control!” LP – Punk is verzet! Punk is resistance! Punk is a resistance! This clear message, referring to the traditions of the legendary Dutch bands RONDOS, LARM and SEEIN ‘RED, was the foundation for this Alkmaar-based hardcore punk band which roamed European squats, living rooms and youth centre’s between 1997 and 2003. Their crazy, hyper-energetic dynamic shows were a sign of a new quality in the global hardcore-punk scene after the deadly serious 90s. Their uncompromising message was skilfully blended with humor and irony. “Completely out of control” is Betercore’s complete discography and contains songs from split 7″s with BOYCOT, OLHO DE GATO, POINT OF FEW, MY OWN LIES, compilation tracks and a few never released tracks. A total of 41 out of control songs just under 41 minutes! The record comes with an additional 16-page booklet documenting their DIY approach and the scene at the turn of the century. A one-time pressing limited to 505 copies.

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