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REGARDE / PASTEL / SAUDADE / MARMORE 4-way split streaming in full!

Dingleberry Records (GER), Allende Records (UK), Unlock Yourself Records (RU), Voice Of Unheard (FR), Koepfen (GER), Cheap Talks (IT), Lifeisfunnything (GER),Time As Color (GER), Glass Of Spit (UK), Dreamin Gorilla Records (IT), Monday Morning Records (GER), Vollmer Industries (IT), Upwind Productions (IT), and Entes Anomicos (GER) have teamed with Italian screamo band SAUDADE, instrumental rock band MARMORE, math rock band PASTEL, and emotive post hardcore act REGARDE to give you a tasteful, very diverse quality split record! Miss The Stars has debuted the while thing and IDIOTEQ is re-posting it with great pleasure! Enjoy!

Art by Schwarzer.rand.

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