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REVENGE BODY premiere new EP, three tracks of nostalgia inducing, energetic, heart on sleeve post hardcore; wrap up 2020

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Soon after their recent new track premiere, Australian post hardcore band REVENGE BODY have teamed up with us to give you the full listen of their new EP, comment on each and every track and give us their special list of top stuff they did to distract themselves from the End of the World.

Revenge Body remember where they were when they heard Kurt died, survived Nu Metal and oscillate between the last two Idles records and Nick Cave’s Murder Ballads. They have scraped together their collective angst and turned it into a handful of songs that reflect both their sordid past and their burning hope for the present. Stealing riffs from the post hardcore bands you used to spill your drinks to, Revenge Body provide a soundtrack for those equally nostalgic for the naivety of the punk rock party scene and angry at the current political climate that may spell the end of carefree hedonism.

The debut EP from REVENGE BODY drops today and is available on Spotify.

Words by Jay, the singer of Revenge Body.

“For a bunch of dudes with a fair few miles under our belts this release finds us in uncharacteristically new ground.” – says Jay.

“The bin fire that is 2020 has meant that it’s the first time any of us has released music for a band that’s never played a show. It’s a weird feeling but I think it actually added to the intensity in writing, we were focused on the overall sound more than just ‘what’s going to bang the hardest live’ Writing it we drew upon the stuff that inspires us both musically and socially, we all come to this caper with our own tastes and our own baggage and I think it shows.”

Track by track breakdown

Port Royals – Lyrically this song is a reflection on trying to help someone without taking the time to actually understand what’s going on for them. It’s essentially a ‘fuck you for assuming I don’t know what I need to do to help myself’ musically it’s a blend of American Football and At The Drive In, two bands that we all love.

Hawaii M.I.A – This song started with Matt jamming the stabby opening riff and kinda evolved from there. Matt and Jay are both from the South Coast and spent last summer watching fires rip through their community whilst the Prime Minister took a sweet vacation.

In the event of everything going terribly right… –  This Song is basically ‘if one of the many risky, dumb things I seem to keep doing ends in me accidently dead, thanks’. It’s got more of the punk rock vibe to it and if we ever manage to play live might deserve a sing along.

Revenge Bodies’ “Top Shit We did to distract us from the End of the World”


– Protomartyr – Ultimate success story

– Hum – Inlet

– Bob Mould – Blue Hearts

– Idles – Ultra Mono

– Into it: Over it – figure


Blink-155 (that’s right, a podcast that reviews every single Blink – 182 song)

Only wrong Answers; w/ Kate McCartney and Kate McLennon

Real Friends; w/ Zac and Donald

Your Favourite Band Sucks


We spent 2020 switching between watching the world end and the food network – good times.

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