Revolution Through Love: introducing São Paulo thrash hardcore act UNDERGUST!

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After a highly prolific year that has bred 4 split records with Greek bands THE LAST STAND and PSYCOREPATHS, Sofia, Bulgaria’s REACTIJA, Arvika, Sweden’s KLASSKAMP and São Paulo, Brazil’s UNSHAKEN, Greece’s PSYCOREPATHS, and most recent collaboration with Piracicaba, Brazil’s ADDICTION, São Paulo based thrash hardcore punks UNDERGUST have teamed up with us to share their thoughts on the whirlwind of recent political events in their hometown, their local punk scene, and plans for the future. See their mission statement below and scroll down to read the full interview.

We believe and understand that music is an art form, therefore, it is a form of expression, free, without owners, without barriers, without dogmas. Through it, we express what we believe, live, and our worldview. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of what you believe or how you live.

We are totally against any kind of prejudice and discrimination. We believe that all are equal and deserve to live in equal conditions, regardless of color, social class, religion, ideology, sexual choice or nationality. Everyone has the same rights and we must all respect each other.

Let’s do our part, add something in this life, add something around. If we are not the solution, we are part of the problem … Respect, love who is around you, promote peace, do your part!

UNDERGUST is: Samuel Vieira (Vocals), Fábio Gonçalves (Bass), Robson Silva (Guitars), Gabriel Kemmerich (Drums).

Hey guys! Thanks for joining us here on IDIOTEQ. How are you? How’s Sao Paulo?

Hello guys, we thank you immensely for the opportunity. São Paulo is a great metropolis, a jungle of stone where we try to survive in a daily struggle for our space.

Tell us more about your view on your local DIY hardcore scene, as well as the whole Brazilian punk community.

Brazil is an immense country full of local scenes all over the country. In São Paulo this happens intensely and there are often 3/4 concerts on the same weekend. The scene is very strong here, and the public very demanding and most of the times the festivals are organized by the bands themselves, without intermediaries.

What do you think are some of the misconceptions people have about Sao Paulo?

São Paulo is the largest city in Latin America and has its failures in structure, coupled with the fact that we live in a third world country with soft laws and corrupt rulers, reflecting this in social inequality and social violence. But São Paulo is welcoming and a lot of work for all kinds of ethnic groups, it is a wonderful city to live in.


In these difficult times for your country, the role of active publishers, authors, and promoters of conscious art is more important than ever. Could you say something about this aspect of DIY punk and how do you approach it?

We believe that the State will never give us anything, we understand that we are a mass of maneuver where power, government, take us where their interests point, and to choose a political side, either right or left, nothing good will happen because either side will always pull the trigger.

Ok, so content wise, how do you approach your writing for UNDERGUST? Can you tell us something about the importance of certain messages in your lyrics?

Our biggest goal goes beyond music, besides the ideal of having a band, it’s really doing something relevant in someone’s life, and we try it through our lyrics, always showing something about our social reality, our faith, our belief, our Principles and values.

Who is your intended audience?

Our target audience is the one who understands what we mean, nonconformists, challengers, who always seek to evolve and grow.


You’ve been extremely prolific over the last couple of months that saw at least a couple of releases from UNDERGUST. What keeps you so busy with this band and how do you manage to balance it all?

We try to divide the band’s tasks, always in the DIY and reconcile our tasks with personal life, but everything is a great pleasure, because UNDERGUST is our life.

Ok, so what are your next steps? What can we expect from UNDERGUST later this year and in 2018?

In 2018 we will release our first Full CD called “Chaos Farm”, with 10 or 12 songs even faster and more furious.


Thanks so much for your time guys. It’s been a pleasure to have you here. Cheers from Poland! The last words are yours…

UNDERGUST thanks again immensely for the opportunity and respect with our work. We live very difficult days in all of humanity, hatred and violence are shared every day on a large scale, becoming the standard of society. Living in the midst of this and in relation to any difficulty, struggle or opposition that presents itself to each one of us, we must always choose love instead of hate. The greatest revolution that exists is not through war, but through Love. That’s UNDERGUST’s message.

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Karol Kamiński

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