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Ripping hardcore trio MOXIEBEAT teasing “Pop Sounds”; new song premiering now!

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Seven years after their debut EP on Vitriol Records and just three weeks ahead of the release of their debut full-length album “Pop Sounds”, Riverside, California based gritty hardcore band MOXIEBEAT are teaming up with us to give you a solid foretaste of the album through their new political, progressive track “Citizen of the World”. Stream it right here and check out the band’s explanation below.

“Pop Sounds” is out October 30 via the band’s label Ethospine Noise

Finally, the first full-length album from this power trio. Pop Sounds shatter the senses with 18-tracks and 42-minutes of searing riffs and rhythmical disarray. MOXIEBEAT pulls you into a noise-repleted world where thrashing chords collide with rapid hits and droning train wrecks. Dark tones accompany themes of departure, justice and positive nihilism. Toss your phone in a landfill, Pop Sounds deflect all reception.

Comments the band: “The refugee crisis is a global problem. The struggle and experience of the refugee has been dehumanized for the gain of political interests time and time again. The average first world brat does not have the attention span to fathom the idea of one leaving their home, family, or country for circumstances out of their control. Unfortunately we observe too frequently the lack of compassion people have for refugees. All stemming from jingoist thought, the purveyors of capitalism, obedience to patriotism , loyalty to nationalism, and general fascism.

Persecution, human rights violations, war, violence, economic collapse, environmental degradation, and natural disasters are common reasons we find people being displaced in 2020. It’s foreign policy of the first world that causes the displacement and further perpetuates violence to the human condition.

The blueprint we are leaving for future generations is just a recipe for our extinction. Our consumption is disgusting. Our waste is complete ignorance. Our need for rapid reinforcement is sickening. The doomsday clock gets closer everyday. All plant and animal life are in jeopardy. How many more wildfires, typhoons, floods, and heat waves will we endure? The destruction is manufactured and the cost is our existence.”

MOXIBEAT art by Cover art by Fritz Aragon.
MOXIBEAT art by Fritz Aragon.

I’m a citizen of the world
A planetary discharge
In orbit revolving
A mass of chemicals dissolving
This temporary citizenship of life
Drunk on logic, high on convention
My ID fails to mention
I’m a citizen of the world

MOXIEBEAT is not just a band, but an Inland Empire collective of sorts that have worked to push their ethics in the form of creating local safe spaces for artists and activists, a record label (Ethospine Noise) since 2001, and music since 2013. It is a three piece noisy punk band made up of Tomas L. Acosta (Tomasacre) on drums, Brent Aragon (B-Train) as bassist/vocalist, and Fritz Aragon (Zufos) as guitarist/vocalist. Members of the band are also founding members of Riverside community radical space, Blood Orange Infoshop (RIP). Activities there included “art shows, running nazis out of town, harm reduction, homeless advocacy, and general activism.” Here, they booked similarly radical, heavy, and DIY-based bands like The Evens, Alice Bag, Cloud Rat, ACXDC, Hot Nerds, Despise You, Loma Prieta, Thou, The Body, Shit Coffins, and Graf Orlock. Rather than list bands as influences, MOXIEBEAT draws inspiration from friends, art, activism, everyday people and the greater DIY community. Given this, it’s no surprise that, when asked about the themes or lyrical/musical concepts found in Pop Sounds, the response was that it covers such topics as “death, despair, isolation, vulnerability, justice, activism, and destroying shit.”

Pop Sounds was recorded by Jonathan Nuñez (Torche) in Los Angeles, who started Nuñez Amps in 2017, the year this album was recorded. MOXIEBEAT was the first band to use Nuñez Amps / pedals in a recording. Mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise vocalist/guitarist, mastered Off!, Sleep) at Audiosiege, in Portland. It is being released October 30th on their label, Ethospine Noise, marking its 35th release.


“The band is reminiscent of members’ previous projects like RogueState, Dogs Of Ire, and Restrained. It’s hardcore with a dramatic edge… The rhythm section sputters and spurts with technical flair never satisfied with simply sprinting to the finish line. Instead, each song is hulking and anguished, lingering on each abrasive facet… a testament to the elbow grease involved in DIY punk.” — Razorcake

“MOXIEBEAT is a dynamic blend of 80’s spirited piss, 90’s technical vomit, and tomorrow’s generation of a short attention spanned-apocalyptic- fecal storm. They are distinctly energetic and mercilessly heavy but swift on their toes… Their mood is dark, adroitly chaotic, and their sound is harmoniously accomplished at tripping circuit breakers at any given note.” — Sputnik Music


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